Starting over – Part 2, Cheating death

After having messed up his relationship with Zoe so much I thought I would make things better by killing her off! Murder was not an option though because I’d had an odd experience in the previous game, and I wanted to see if I could repeat it.

Here’s what happened (pre-ghosts update) in his first house my Simself had a beautiful maid with bright red hair, she followed him every time he moved. They were never more than friends though, which is sad because she really was hot 🙂
Anyway, she got old and one day died on his kitchen floor, which sent him into a deep depression for all of four days and then he’d completely forgotten about her. But, when she had died he had been able to put her urn into his inventory, and had been carrying it around with him while I figured out what to do with it. This all happened before ghosts, but I still didn’t want to leave the urn in the house, or as a tombstone in the garden because even though I’d never seen a ghost in the game – I didn’t know that there wasn’t any. So, to cut a long story short. One day he was fishing by the community garden in Oasis Springs, when I clicked on the urn in his inventory and got a pop up asking if I wanted to ‘place’ (I’ve completely forgotten the maids name – that’s bad!) somewhere suitable. He wandered off to a spot that couldn’t be edited and placed it on the ground, then went home for tea.

I think I remember him going back there to mourn at the grave, but I am not sure. I do remember when the pool update happened, her ghost wearing a big, floppy sun hat was spotted sitting on the edge of the pool, while he was learning to swim (they’re like babies, so not much of a challenge!) She was spotted around the park once or twice again after that, and then vanished.

sims 4 zoe patel
sims 4 zoe patel

My idea was to have Zoe die in his home, so he could pick up her urn and place it somewhere that would remain as an everlasting burial spot for all the generations to come. And as there’s no graveyard I really liked the idea of leaving it in a quiet, out of the way location where Sims could visit to pay their respects.

And so I put my plan into action, he baked a cake and invited Zoe for some more tea, but the birthday candle plan didn’t work because elders can’t age up to death anymore 😦

Still not going to kill her off like locking her in a room without an exit, or in a pool with a fence around it.
So I tried Death By Exhaustion! testingcheats on then sims.add_buff buff_death_ElderExhaustion_warning only it was Giovanni that keeled over and died on the rug in the hall!

After restarting the game, I tried again! This time switching households to control her, Zoe then went back to his house, I did the cheat thing and she died while he was grilling them a nice steak meal. He cried and cried and cried so much I thought he was never going to recover, the miserable moods are something else though, seeing them cry in the shower and crawl under the covers to cry themselves to sleep is cool.

But he couldn’t pick up the urn and put it in his personal inventory anymore – it can only go into the household inventory in build mode – and that meant it couldn’t be placed off the editable public lots in the world 😦  So even though the parks and garden look huge, with loads of peaceful, secluded spots that would be perfect to place the headstone, it can’t be done as the only places available would be inappropriate because they’re too close to the play area.

Which leaves that plan temporarily stalled! The urn is still in his household inventory. One day I might try and build a small chapel or maybe a garden, or I could try leaving it in Sylvan Glade because I think that’s the best use for the strange looking lot, but I think I read somewhere there’s an issue with urns not converting into tombstones in the Glade though, so I am unsure.

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