Young professional male seeks…

Other like minded males for NSA fun 🙂  I thought it would be a good idea if he had some roommates, and they needed to be cool, unique characters. He was at the top of his game professionally but didn’t have much to show for it apart from a niceish house and collection of My Sims trophies. Life on his own was getting a bit dull, but I wasn’t ready for him to start dating again, although there was a girl he liked that may lead to something in the future (if I don’t screw that up too!).

My idea was to pull together three unconnected guys and have them share his house, so that their combined earnings would enable him to buy a bigger and better house. There could always be the possibility of romance, because I didn’t know how the story was going to go.

03-04-15_8-22 PM

He met the first candidate Colin Broussard at the gym, and they seemed to get on really well. So it didn’t take much schmoozing for Colin to accept his invitation and move in. Colin then introduced Luca Alvarez who took a shine to Giovanni almost immediately. While they were chatting and getting to know each other, I couldn’t resist fooling around, Giovanni dared him to streak and after seeing the kid go haring off naked, I knew he should be the next roommate.

03-06-15_3-02 PM-3

Luca then introduced one of his friends, but the dynamic wasn’t good and he argued with everyone! So I was stumped for a while, I really didn’t want to have a girl move in though because there was only two bedrooms and they would be sharing beds, and the thought of a girl (who might one day be his lover) sharing beds with younger, better looking Sims didn’t sit right. Besides I wanted to keep it care free, and introducing females was bound to cause tension in the house.

The solution came when he was sitting on a bench outside Johnny Zest’s old house, Johnny had been one of his first affairs and had stayed on and off even when he was engaged to Zoe. When Johnny turned senior I used Manage Households to give him two genetic sons, who had stayed in the house after he died. It was one of those boys, Carl who came and sat on the bench next to him that evening.

03-08-15_2-54 PM-2
03-08-15_3-00 PM

Soon after Carl’s brother Damien joined them and they sat talking all through the night until Giovanni had to go to work. Later that same day, both brothers had moved in which meant there was now five guys sharing his little house. It would have been exhausting playing each Sim in rotation until each of their friendships was at a level where they would be happy to share beds! So I put in some of the cool inflatable mattresses. But there wasn’t enough space for one each, and I still wanted them to share – just to see how it played out 🙂

For it to work I needed to use Share Beds With Everyone by Shimrod101 at MTS but before I installed the mod, I cheated their relationships up to max friendships just in case. testingcheats on then modifyrelationship <Sim first name> <Sim last name> <target Sim first name> <target Sim last name> 100 Friendship_Main – TwistedMexi’s Sims 4 Cheat Resource
Despite some early setbacks, it turned out that Luca was actually a good cook so he played Mum and stayed at home to cook and keep the place clean. I swapped one of his traits to ‘Neat’ and as soon as he had enough points, got him the ‘Speed Cleaner’ reward too. One thing that doesn’t seem to play right is the cleaning frenzy action, I’ve found that he needs to be moved away from what needs cleaning before he’ll actually do it! For instance if he’s standing in front of a dirty toilet and I choose ‘Cleaning Frenzy’ he locks up and stands there until the action is cancelled from his list. But, if I click on the floor a few feet away and make him move away from the toilet, and then select ‘Cleaning Frenzy’ he’s as excited as a polar bear on ice, and gets straight onto it.

The other guys took jobs straight away, Colin joined the athletic career because he had that look about him. I did tweak his body shape a little bit in CAS, because he had those huge EA shoulders that just look bizarre compared to the rest. Carl started work as a musician, it’s a bit lame but seeing him in the tartan pants it just seemed the obvious choice. And his brother Damien started work in the catering career, until eventually swapping to bartending because he’s so chilled out and sociable. He also had a spin around in CAS, because he had the most alarming high pitched voice!

And then there’s the girls! Giovanni is such a smoothy, he’s had no trouble at all chatting up the girls. Although he’s also made a move on Luca and Carl, Even Colin has been seen getting soppy in his company – but that’s all OK, because their friendships are so high, romance is inevitable and, even though flirty conversations start up they usually end soon after with a light hearted rebuff. Colin and Luca have got a bit of thing going on though, and I am liking it because they play off each other so well, it’s very natural. Giovanni is like a dog with two tails! He’s surrounded by beautiful Sims and there’s two girls he’s keen on…
Leah Washington is my favourite, because I had a girlfriend who wore her hair over one eye like that, it’s such a sexy look 🙂 the poor girl needs to put on some weight though, she looks almost emaciated. Jenna Williams is probably the best choice because if Leah is anything like Suzie, she’s going to end up hating me!

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