Breaking rules to get ahead

OK after quite a strange update last night, I took some time out today to deal with their housing situation. I say the update was strange because three issues surfaced, that should have been put to bed a long time ago! As soon as the update finished I loaded the game without any mods, the first shock was the house was full of unknown townies! And it took forever to get them to leave. Then the fridge was clobbered again, meaning they couldn’t cook anything, but they could stand in their bedroom and have food magically appear in their hands! The strangest thing though, and it’s something I’ve never seen in the game before was when all the guys came home from work, and couldn’t be controlled – I had that little lightning bolt icon and the option to fend for themselves, which they couldn’t or wouldn’t do! I didn’t even try to fix the game, because it was an unsaved test anyway. so I was going to quit and clear the cache before rerunning the game with the mods folder, to see what was working and what was broken. Restarting the game was fine and none of those issue recurred. It seems EA have made some changes to the way Sims do things autonomously – which is good, because now they move around a lot quicker, and don’t stall as easily – but, it also means that all the autonomous mods, like gardening and repairing etc are out of order for the time being 😦 sims_4_first_house I started this blog by admitting I had ignored most of the common sense rules associated with the ‘Homeless Challenge’. But there was one I was determined to stick to and that was, I wouldn’t be able to download any free houses from the gallery, he could only move up the property ladder when he could afford to buy the building. I had another rule that was meant to prevent me from using cheats to buy reward furnishings if he wasn’t in that career – but as you’ll agree that’s a silly rule that deserves to be ignored! The property rule is important though, because it shows progression in real terms. His first move from camping in a field, to living in a concrete bunker was perfect in respect of the rules, but it was my frustration brought on by a lack of building skills – or I should say, it was the way I dealt with the next move that broke the plan. Because I’ve since learned how to do it properly 🙂 Sims_4_real_estate I found a little house on the gallery that cost thirty something simoleons, and he had thirty something to spend. so I dropped it down on top of the concrete bunker… and completely forgot to take the thirty something cost of the house from his household funds! Next thing the other guys moved in and I was wrapped up in building on the property, adding a pool and a gym, and making the garden bigger. It was only when it came time for a bigger house, that I realised I’d messed up. The problem was that there were no vacant lots left in Oasis Springs, and nothing big enough in Willow Creek for the next house – I’d found an amazing cubist, modern dream home. But with no where to put it I was stumped again! So I just dumped it down on top! And I carried on playing the game for a couple of days (you know how much can happen in a couple of days!) but then, after decorating and furnishing the new house, I decided to start again – only this time do it properly… I confuse myself sometimes, and if there’s ever a more complicated way to do things – then that’s what I am going to do! The point is, it wasn’t right for the story to have all this free real estate keep dropping from the sky. And I want to do it properly, because if his life is going to be successful, it has to be truthful 🙂 So, I put all his artwork and collectibles, upgraded appliances and plants into the household inventory before saving the house on the gallery. Then I found a lot in Willow Creek where the big house would fit, and evicted the old folks that lived there before placing the big house down. Then I had my Simself household move from one identical house to another! Although they were in different neighbourhoods – and as a happy coincidence, the new location is so much better. After replacing all their upgraded appliances and collectibles I then amended their household funds. Selling the furniture from their last home had inflated it even more and I wasn’t sure how to fix it, but by deducting the cost of the house from the amount they had in their kitty, I think they’re back on a level playing field again. As soon as I am able to I’ll deduct the unfurnished cost of the first gallery house from their funds too. After all that messing around there’s a really stunning house from the gallery that I’ve put down on the Affluista Mansion lot, it’s over seven hundred thousand simoleons! And it’s going to be theirs one day, so they’re going to have to get to work. I’ve also bulldozed the original lot, it’s an empty field again. I can’t be bothered at the moment, but I suppose I should download that first house again – just to keep the story real. Meanwhile here’s the new house. 03-26-15_4-17 PM I made a few adjustments in its first location, firstly it was the bold, blocky entrance that attracted me to the building in the gallery, but because the stairs shared the same tile as the front door, it was collapsed all the time. Even worse go up a level and no door at all, just a hole in the front of the house! By moving the steps one tile away from the door prevents that from happening. I also lowered the height of the foundation and put modern railings out front to really sharpen up the curb appeal 🙂 and broke up the vertical slabs with a simple frieze and larger windows. Out back I enclosed the garden with a fence and put in a pool – it’s right next to the sidewalk, so while my Simself household are chilling out in their pool the townies are going about their business, jogging along or stopping to chat on the other side of the fence. I also expanded the footprint of the entire building so there’s more free space in the garden, and took the fence away from a corridor that linked the kitchen and gym, so it’s now a very big patio. The kitchen is OK, I don’t really do kitchens in real life either, but there’s a really nice, very comfortable, living room on the other side of the building that’s more my thing.

03-30-15_8-58 PM-3
03-21-15_5-00 PM-2 03-25-15_7-21 PM-5 I hope the person that uploaded it originally doesn’t think I am being disrespectful, because honestly that’s not my intention. I’ve just remodelled it a little bit to fit my plan, I could never have built something like that from the ground up, my background is in interior design so I like to think I am making them more special 🙂  …with that in mind, I also hauled out the bizarre indoor garden and converted the space into a games room, built a new second floor for three en-suite bedrooms, and put all the old camping equipment on the roof! Giovanni will keep the tent forever, because it’s a reminder of where he’s come from, and it looks so cool on the flat roof! (the last picture is from Oasis Springs) 03-25-15_11-10 AM-2 03-22-15_12-40 PM

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