Get To Work – part 1, Luca’s Café

Time ceased to be at midnight, April 2nd. If time had been an old, imaginary steam train, then I would have been its imaginary driver. Picture the scene, an old, grizzled man keeping himself awake by drinking strong, black coffee. Maybe he stopped because he saw a fluffy bunny stray onto the lines, or maybe it was because his shift was over that made him haul on the handle of the brake. Whatever, the wheels stopped turning and sparks flew in the cold night air as the carriages crashed together with every ratchety click of the lever. Eventually all was still and the shocked silence broken only by an occasional wheezing sigh from the old engine, and the ominous sound of grating steel as the heavy machinery settled. The driver surveyed the wreckage…

And smiled 🙂 He was doing his happy dance and he had danced so far away from the noisy, smelly old train with its stacked up jumble of carriages, and outraged passengers. Time had stopped and he wasn’t going to waste another second.

sims 4 get to work cafe
sims 4 get to work bakery

So the first real expansion for the Sims 4 adventure arrived, and bloody hell it’s good! With time temporarily halted, I can say “Shut up moaners, stop moaning about no toddlers and loading screens, and just play the game” and those words will be frozen in time, forever. Because Sims 4 IS just a game, there’s no need to be clever anymore, trying to make something huge out of a series of installments that don’t fit together. Sims 4 is pure escapism, turn on, tune in and zone out 🙂

Look no custom content! That’s been the most pleasant of all the unexpected surprises of the game so far, Most of the time, I am so locked into what the Sims are doing that I don’t even notice their environment – and those other times, when the camera pans out to show a bustling world with blue sky and bold coloured terrain, that I really lose myself in the make believe. Like the first time I saw the steamboat sail past, my Simself was sitting on his sofa, watching TV when a large house seemed to pass slowly by. Of course I’ve seen it so many times now it hardly registers, but every now and then I’ll catch a glimpse of it through a window and I am in awe all over again. Not needing to make the game better with custom content has been a real revelation, once I would have compiled pages full of screenshots showing how CC replaced the clunky, and made everything better by providing more function. Now I want to show how you don’t need it anymore, everything is good (99.99% anyway).

sims 4 get to work bakery cafe
sims 4 get to work cafe bakery

In real life I’ve been a shopkeeper, and I also owned and ran a café/restaurant for a while, so playing with shops and businesses is the real life part of the simulation that I need. Sims 2 Open for Business was OK, but the Sims 3 bakery venue and restaurant kitchen were not! They fell short of the mark and were frustrating. Now Sims can create all kinds of beautifully rendered cakes and pastries, and as they gain baking skills the good stuff keeps getting better.

I leave one tray of biscuits or buns in each of the fridges, without marking them for sale so that customers can help themselves. It looks better seeing Sims with a mug of coffee or a plate of cake in their hand. It’s also good for the staff breaks 🙂

I was beginning to feel like we were drowning with all the Easter eggs they ‘harvest’ from their garden, but it’s only for this month and the customers are buying them. The bookshelves would have been empty otherwise, because my Simself wrote one book (his lifetime wish is to be a successful author) and I made a couple of copies, that sold out in a day! Sadly I don’t have any screenshots, because the bookshelf is outstanding, I love the way books are displayed.

Another well put together object is the cooler, it’s so easy to drag fruit and veg from a Sims inventory into the cooler. Customers slide open the door and help themselves, I think I saw one pay §159 for an onion!

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