Get to Work – Part 2, ‘World of Fitness’ the outdoor store

Playing a Sim running a cafe during a twelve hour working day, is as real as it gets! I said in the last post that time stopped for me, it certainly lost its importance – there was probably tons of stuff I should have been doing, but I just couldn’t be bothered!

Honestly it took me back years to when I was working twelve hour days at the helm of my own restaurant, the stress of getting food orders out quickly, and having to manage staff that couldn’t! Together with the good times like sitting down and having a drink with friends and favourite customers, whilst also making sure the bins were emptied and the toilets were clean. And then at the end of the night, sitting down to eat a relaxed meal before restocking the shelves – that’s how my little Sim played it too 🙂

There are some niggles, like the venue speakers that can’t be switched off at night, and sometimes the Sims don’t react quickly enough when there’s a customer waiting. But those are so insignificant, if I can remember I’ll replace the speakers with a jukebox or radio. And there are probably routing issue causing the Sims to appear dazed or confused, over time it’s easy enough to shift the store fittings around to make the routing better and avoid customer Sims standing behind doors or in tight corners. Overall though, if this is an indication of the level of add on content yet to come, then I am hooked, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

sims 4 get to work sports shop
sims 4 get to work
I placed a copy of the Willow Creek gym on the empty lot for Luca’s café, but this is one of the pre installed venues and it’s still a work in progress because I can’t stop fiddling with the lights (even though it’s eating into their profits!) This store is managed by Colin Broussard because he was already a top level athlete, and it just seemed a natural progression for him once he’d retired from whatever that sport was.

The first mistake I made was trying to sell ‘unlocked’ sporting equipment, I thought it would look good if he was selling high end stuff that other Sims wouldn’t see in their gym. But, they won’t buy them because they can’t use them until they’ve been unlocked! So now he only sells base game equipment, and some of the machines are not for sale to encourage the Sims to use them. I also stopped hiring staff, it seems a lot easier if he works alone, or takes a member of his household with him.

sims 4 get to work sports store
sims 4 get to work ep
I started planning for this by having Colin and Luca spend their weekends at a cabin in the woods, so he could collect the bugs needed for the herbal remedies because I think they’re an integral part of planning an outdoor adventure. I was a bit sad to find that the national park lot can’t be rejigged to allow for a retail store though, but I also think it’s wise to leave it alone.

Instead, as soon as the basement update came out I built them a cellar where he can store bugs, and cook the potions. The herbal potions can just as easily stored in the new retail coolers and they sell for a healthy profit, but I think rustic display shelves look good too – I would have liked a variation of the POS bakery shelf, but as that only has a few slots the little jars look lost.

sims 4 get to work camping store
sims 4 get to work
Both venues, this one and Luca’s are generating lots of lovely profit – Luca’s has repaid the initial household deposit (§10k) twice over, this one would have repaid by now if I didn’t keep replacing the lighting! And I can’t remember how much either businesses cost to buy in the first place, this one was §156k (ish), so there’s a long way to go before they’re back in the black. My top tip is to clear the notification list and keep the menu open in a big venue like this, as it can be impossible to track all of the customers all of the time – although they do sometimes actually move towards the salesperson, which is very helpful 🙂

Originally I had planned to use the upstairs of Luca’s café as a photography studio for one of his housemates to run, but I think it would be exhausting having two businesses on two floors. I put a painting easel up there, and tried having him invite other sims round after work to paint their portrait. But, I really don’t like the style of the paintings. So, I gave way to the temptation and put the photo studio in too and I love how it looks. Now after finishing up in the café, and once everything is restocked and ready for the next day, he goes upstairs, has a nap! Then either invites friends back to photograph them, or blasts out a couple of paintings for sale downstairs.

sims 4 get to work photography studio

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