No more fooling around…

…he’s a married Sim now, and it seems he made the right choice too. I liked Leah Washington because she had sexy hair! But she turned old and grey before I could get a plan of action together. Giovanni seemed to get on best with Jenna Williams and it was clear they had good chemistry – there was also a baby that factored highly in the decision to marry! I figured it was about time for him to act responsibly – But before any of that, one of his housemates moved out, and another one moved his girlfriend in. Finding out that Jenna had had a baby gave me two options, one choice would have been to move all the housemates out and start playing a family game again. The other would be to stay with the original plan and continue having fun running the various businesses. I already had Luca and Colin buy into a business each, and I plan for my Simself to open a bookshop too. I had thought that Damien Zest would run a photography studio, but Carl would carry on being a lounge singer for all eternity, because I think he looks cool in his velvet smoking jacket! I chose a third option! And now they ALL live in the big house together… the sims 4 One day while Luca was at the café he met Marjorie Logan and the pair of them got on so well he invited her home to meet the guys. Carl was still at work, so I had to call him home early, but I knew as soon as Luca introduced Carl to Marjorie it was the start of something beautiful 🙂  They went straight out on a date, and after an intense courting session Carl persuaded her to move in. Damien moved out soon after and I thought I would wait until Marjorie was pregnant before moving her and Carl in with Damien. sims 4 But then, once I knew she was pregnant I thought I’d like to see how the new baby thing played out. Honestly I have nothing against babies! They just don’t appeal to my gameplay, but there had been so much fuss about the baby being an object, and no toddler life stage… plus all the amazing screenshots I’d seen of the hospital births, I thought I should give it a try. At the same time as Damien was moving out and marjorie found out she was pregnant, I remembered that Giovanni Simself had a baby, and another beautiful girlfriend somewhere, that if I didn’t move quickly enough would turn into a withered and stooped oldie, just like the last one. So he called Jenna and asked her on a date in the park, where they stumbled upon the wedding arch I had hastily installed during his previous relationship. It seemed the perfect spot to declare his love and ask her to marry him 🙂 sims 4 engagement You’ll see by the date and timestamp on the screenshots that all this is happening on the same RL day, I wasn’t going to let history repeat itself and I was determined NOT to mess up this relationship! sims 4 pregnancy Marjorie decided weight training would be the best activity during pregnancy, I had to intervene because that doesn’t look safe! the sims 4 Next morning Giovanni Simself woke up alone (the first time for him) and immediately invited Jenna over to plan their wedding. sims 4 wedding sims 4 wedding venue I think, perhaps, there could have been a little bit more planning for the big event. Seeing the bride turn up in a black dress, wasn’t as bad as the pianist stomping around because he was starving hungry and tired to the point of exhaustion – fair play though he carried on playing even as the other guests sat patiently not knowing what to do next, the tips made it all worthwhile. The guests included Carl’s brother Damien, and Giovanni’s other children Peter and Jane (I’ve completely forgotten their names!) and Jenna’s daughter Amber who had grown from a baby to a walking, talking child especially for the big day! sims 4 wedding event sims 4 wedding sims 4 wedding
The wedding wasn’t a complete disaster though, despite the fact there was no bar or cake to cut! Because I eventually found the timer button to cut short the event and sent everyone home – although by that time everyone was too tired to party much 😦 The next day they rested! But not for long… because Marjorie was about to give birth. Well she did it twice because I messed up the first time! The whole household was standing around in the kitchen when a crib magically appeared, then I had a notification that Marjorie was about to give birth and who did I want to accompany her to the hospital. I chose Carl (because he’s the father!) and they were both transported to the hospital, where they met the surgeon and nurse on the sidewalk because the baby was in the crib, in the kitchen at home! So I quit the game and restarted while she was still able to get to the hospital in time, it’s a bizarre experience – not least because the nurse waited outside the room the whole time – I had to drag Dad away from a microwave meal in the nurses canteen in order for him to be there for the birth, and the surgeon spins back into her day clothes as soon as the baby is delivered. Then after only a two second pause to hold her new baby, all three were transported back to the house. sims 4 hospital sims 4 hospital birth
As strange as it was, I do like the babies, and even though they’re tethered to the crib (therefore basically an object) the interactions are cool. I love the way the babies move around in the Sims arms, and how their little hands hold the bottle when they’re being fed, and how all the household take care of the baby. In fact despite all the negative stuff I’d read, I think they’re well animated and a great improvement on previous versions.
sims 4 babies
Little Duncan Zest didn’t stay a baby for long though. The jump from babies to children is not as clumsy or as odd as others have suggested. Even though I don’t miss the toddler stage, I have to say that after seeing how the developers have improved the babies so much, it does seem a shame to have not seen new generation toddlers – whatever the reason for excluding them is, it does seem Maxis missed an opportunity to showcase their skills in creating Sims that are more lifelike than ever. I am sure that if they are reintroduced into the game at a later date, they will be worth waiting for.
the sims 4
Two things to remember, never let the Sims take their drinks to the card table, because they’ll get glasses stuck if they try to play cards and drink at the same time. And don’t try painting from reference if you’re also planning to work on their photography skill, because it seems to mess up the photo formats. If the temptation is too great and you want a painted portrait, it’s easily fixed by clearing the cache and restarting the game.

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