We’re going to need a bigger cake

sims 4 kids
I had already aged Amber up to a teen before releasing baby Duncan from his crib, and for a time it was cool. I like the teen age group for a lot of reasons, but I also wanted to play with the new careers too. On the one hand I could keep both the kids at school and enjoy a relaxed game with days out and family holidays, it’s been a long time since they’ve had any time away. But there’s more to the game that I was missing by not playing the active careers, so I made the choice and aged Amber up again to a young adult so she could start work as a scientist.
sims 4 sims birthday cake
She’s got her mothers figure 🙂 Gianni Simself also had a birthday, because he was still a young adult and therefore the same age as his daughter, which was a bit odd. He’s put on weight again too, but I suppose that’s realism for you!

When did the buyable medicine sneak in? I had been grumbling about not being able to treat their illnesses for a while, when I actually read one the whim notifications, it was something about ‘have your Sim drink tea or rest in bed to cure his cold’ and I was pleased to see it worked, but then sometime after that I noticed they can order medicine online too! And it can be stored in the fridge for when it’s needed. I would still like them to be able to go to the hospital though, or call up a doctor for a house visit.

I think I am finally ready to move Carl, Marjorie and Duncan into a shared house with Carl’s brother Damien. I’ve been holding off because I like the dynamics of the full house, but also because there had been so many alien abductions and I am convinced that the full household prevents alien pregnancies.

I think it should happen this weekend, as there seems to a twitter buzz about cats, and as I am writing this with my own fluffy cats playing around my desk, that’s something I am not going to miss out on. I loved The pet shops in the Sims ‘Unleashed’ and the caged small furries from TS2 Pets, TS3 didn’t really expand much on the training, playing, grooming pets thing but it didn’t really need to because they were cool anyway. It did include more NPC animals (not so cool) TS2 had a skunk occasionally visit the households and cause chaos, but TS3 had wild horses and unicorns that caused a whole other kind of chaos around the world. It also introduced other small animals that could be found and kept in terrariums they didn’t really do anything for me, but the horse riding skills and domestic horses in general were very good. It was the TS3 cats that had me hooked, I loved the way they would jump up onto kitchen surfaces and groom themselves – a real life horror that every cat owner sees everyday!

I am excited to see what’s coming, more so with the idea that they could be released as a free update! Could it be that they’re planning to drip feed pets into the game via free monthly updates? That would be cool 🙂

So, anyway that’s got me fired up to move the game on, although given my need for drama it’s not all going to be pleasant!
sims 4 kids
One thing I couldn’t resist doing was making one of the tents in the outdoor shop not for sale, I am not sure if it’s a glitch with my game or whether it’s designed that way, but Sims don’t seem to be able to buy CC objects, I had some paintings that shoppers would be interested in but never buy, and clutter that seemed to create an eternal ready to buy loop that never ended in a sale, my shop keeper would go through the motions but the shopper would never take the items. So I cleared the shelves of all CC that I had for sale and while I was at it, set one of the tents as display only, so that now before or after a busy day on the shop floor my shopkeeper can woohoo in the tent 🙂
sims 4 tent woohoo
sims 4 sims
Another odd development occurred when Jenna took a shine to a shy, red haired boy she’d met while working at Luca’s café. I think probably the next baby born into his household is going to come as a surprise for my long-suffering Simself!
sims 4 get to work hospital
April has been a lively month in Willow Creek, alien abductions are down thanks to an update, but even so they’re still happening and I’ll have a fit if one of my boys finds himself pregnant! Giovanni aged up to be a warm and caring adult – his wife on the other hand took a different direction, and it seems the local teens now have a predatory cougar to be concerned about! Amber changed career and is now a doctor, because the hospital gameplay is more my thing than the science lab – both are great venues though, and I am barely scratching the surface of what the game has to offer, so like the vacation retreat it will always be available. And it seems now is as good a time as any to move Carl and his family out, and into their own home. Wonder what’s next?

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