I think we’re between updates…

…so now seems a good a time to reassess the game, but then again, I don’t think I am playing it properly because after reading the update release notes, there seems to be a ton of fixes for issues that I didn’t know even existed!

One thing I immediately noticed, and I am surprised there’s been no mention of it, is they’ve fixed the staircase shadow, previously when the Sim was coming down stairs there would be a ‘cloud’ of shadow halfway up their shins, which has now gone so Yay! for that. But Boo! for a new TV bug, now it seems the Sim will only turn the TV off if you cancel their action to watch it, if you let them choose another action, they will just walk away from it ūüė¶ You can click on it like a radio, and select turn off and it will without the Sim being there, but really! it was good as it was.

They’ve also fixed the ‘Tend Garden’ option¬†that overpowered¬†everything else in their¬†interaction queue, and that’s a good thing because it¬†was an irritating issue, however¬†I still wish they’d add ‘Evolve All’ to the tending garden interaction because it makes no sense as it is. While I am on the subject of gardening, it’s safe to go into the garden again now that those bloody eggs have gone, that was cool addition to the game during the Easter holiday, but I think it would have been better if they had¬†stopped it earlier.

There’s a possibility that probably, Mrs Simself might soon be in the family way again – I am not absolutely sure what direction the game is going in at the moment, but I am intrigued to see how it works with being able to influence the sex of the¬†expected babies. Eating strawberries and listening to pop music increases the likelihood of girls, while¬†carrots and alternative music could lead to more boys. Mrs Simself has been carrying on with a young red head, so I guess if she was to have a baby boy she could use the excuse of eating too many carrots (if he has bright orange hair like his dad). I have no idea how she’ll explain¬†herself otherwise…

What else is new? More Star Wars costumes ūüôā I love them, I’ve been a Star Wars fan since seeing the original at the cinema when I¬†was a kid, I actually watched them all in chronological order on May the 4th, and it was good fun – although episodes one¬†to three¬†were gloriously, glossy and obviously digital with tons of cgi characters which left episode 4 looking¬†grainy and very much of it’s era. It seemed a shame that the producers hadn’t been able to reign in their enthusiasm for all the new and latest effects, especially when they must have known there¬†would be such a huge step backwards with the following episodes. Seeing poor old Darth Vader struggle through a pretty lackluster fight scene¬†was sad, especially after the¬†Matrix style fighting with a double ended lightsaber from the previous film. Anyway,¬†I sat through 12 hours of back to back films before I had to take a break and go and bring the donkeys in. Going¬†outside after all those hours of total immersion¬†was a shock, the countryside seemed¬†so quiet! I wouldn’t have been surprised seeing¬†two moons hovering above the horizon.

Back to the game! I’ve been planning for my Simself to open a bookshop, it’s going to be a collectibles shop too, with photos of space, and moon rocks (fossils!) and collectible dolls. And costumes too, but, this is why I haven’t actually done anything about it, because the retail dummies can only have one¬†costume for each category. So for instance no matter how many¬†different male everyday outfits I put together, all of the shop dummies displaying male everyday outfits will display the same outfit, and that won’t work for me! I want all the outfits on display to be ‘Party’ clothing, and that means I can only have one each for male, female and both children – I¬†need to try¬†and figure it out, before writing off the plan.

It’s good news to hear that shop employees are now working as expected, and that shoppers won’t do that double swipe thing anymore – which was becoming irritating, but I haven’t played much in the shops recently, so I can’t really comment. I have to say though, that like myself my Sim shopkeepers are happiest and wealthier! When they’re working alone, so it might take a bit more persuasion before I start hiring staff willy nilly!

Talking about staff, I am also pleased to read about the maids being fixed, I used to love having maids visit to clean their homes everyday, that’s what playing make-believe games is all about, it’s supposed to be¬†escapist fun. But it just wasn’t when they failed to show up, or left the place dirty when they did show up. Have they stopped stealing the coffee machines too?

Finally, more good news! No more¬†mediocre woohoo,¬†I know it’s probably a nod to realism, but the poor souls get themselves so whipped up and excited at the prospect of woohoo, to then see them slump off dejected and unsatisfied¬†seemed so unfair!

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