Stop the press!

I’d had enough of the game and quit when one of the boys became pregnant. The whole alien abduction thing was irritating me anyway, even though after the ‘fix’ update it wasn’t happening as often, but then with fewer Sims in the house the inevitable happened and Colin was thrown back down to earth after being impregnated with alien seed!

I hated the idea that a male Sim could be made pregnant, not just because it’s physically impossible but also because he’s a bodybuilder that still had a muscular 6-pack painted over the bump, which looked really stupid. Then I remembered the satellite dish that’s supposed to prevent the abductions from happening in the first place, and there was also news about the first stuff pack about to be released. So I crept back into the game again with a plan to have Colin join the scientist career, and maybe find a way to take the alien offspring to Sixam so he could leave him there! Amber was the best option though as she had already been a scientist once, and should be able to invent the satellite dish sooner than anyone else.
sims 4 alien babies
So Amber quit her job in the hospital to rejoin the science career and Colin gave birth to an alien baby, I had no idea how I was going to deal with it, but it definitely wasn’t going to be staying around! I was starting to hate the game for being so childish because it was forcing me to figure out ways to kill off the little unwanted alien, which is not why I play the game, I have no desire to destroy any life not even the simulated ones! Yet seeing a strong, athletic male Sim breast feeding only made my anger worse…

Then I noticed the ‘Return to home planet’ option on the crib menu and the red mist cleared in an instant as the beam of light teleported the alien back to where he belonged, and presumably where he would be loved for who he was :). I am happy to play on again, Amber will stay in the scientist career because the hospital gameplay wasn’t really my thing, and we could probably use other wacky inventions too, like the SimRay.

So I am bit bleh with the hospital gameplay, I think it’s more frustrating than it is fun. I am not enjoying it as much as the police station, but at least the developers foresaw the problems associated with alien abductions and provided a painless solution that actually makes sense, and a happy gamer too!

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