Secret affair leads to baby

…but no one seems too bothered!
sims 4 custom content
So I had an idea a while back that Mrs Simself should have an affair, just because she could. She’s a sexy Sim with a great body and she’s married to a soppy, trusting, clueless work-a-holic. I had even lined up a couple of potential males, but it was a weedy looking red head that seemed most fun. Jenna and ‘the boy’ (I honestly don’t know his name!) had already had a kiss and cuddle at Luca’s café that set the ball rolling, so I can’t really be blamed for pushing them along.

And so it was, Jenna had been promoted to sergeant and there had been a party at home, though truth be told it wasn’t very lively or exciting, the goal orientated parties don’t really do it for me, and the Sims don’t really get into it unless you tell them to, so the party fizzled out and Jenna was at a loose end, while the rest of the household shuffled off to their beds, she headed into town and met ‘the boy’ who was now an adult at Luca’s café again. They ate, danced, flirted and woohooed, but every time the option came for them to try for a baby the action was cancelled.
sims 4 woohoo
Bless her she tried every trick she knew, and he wasn’t holding back either, but I think their plan was thwarted by a routing issue with the bed. So they took off to a cabin in the woods! I love the way they can move between lots and pick up or drop other Sims along the way. One minute their making out in a store room above the family business and the next they’re settling down for a night of naughtiness in a cosy little cottage in the woods. At least she packed a change of clothes!
sims 4 granite falls vacation
They spent the entire weekend in the cabin trying for a baby, until they were both exhausted! But, I wasn’t hearing the baby chime so I kept pushing them for more! Eventually with their hunger and hygiene needs as red as his hair, I had Jenna take a pregnancy test and lo and behold she was 🙂
sims 4 granite falls
Literally a dirty weekend! She rushed back to tell him, but oddly enough he didn’t seem too pleased at hearing he was going to be a father. There seems to have been a bit of a hygiene glitch because no matter how many times they showered the grime remained. I wonder if that’s the game trying to teach me a lesson in morality? Probably not, because once she arrived back at her own home she was clean and freshly fragranced again.

Which lead me to another odd but satisfyingly wicked option to share her good news with Gianni Simself, although he really wasn’t at all bothered to hear that his wife was expecting another Sims baby! So life returned to normal. Amber was once again working as a scientist and had invented a satellite dish to prevent any further abductions, which is very cool but why oh why does it need to be reset every day, why can’t they just turn it on and forget about it?
sims 4 Gianni Simself
Time flies in Simsville and before long the baby was due, so as soon as Jenna went into labour I had her travel to the hospital, I also had ‘the boy’ although now obviously a man! join her, but he stayed with her outside the entrance of the hospital for as long as it took to hop about in a state of panic before they calmly waved goodbye to each other, and he left her to wander around the hospital clearing out rubbish and searching for food in the canteen. I think she was in labour for three hours before she marched down to the operating room and the baby was produced.
sims 4 hospital birth
This is why I love this game so much? It’s not just because the Sims look so good, it’s because they can be edited and chopped about without drama. Jenna actually gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but that didn’t really fit my storyline, they already had a daughter and I thought it would be good to have another boy in the household. So I aged the baby up, and in manage households changed her to a him and gave him his father’s bright red hair… Gianni is still none the wiser!
the Sims 4
I think there’s an update due tomorrow with the new blank town, but it’s the announcement of a new stuff pack due next week that excites me the most. Perfect Patio SP promises above ground hot tubs that fit eight Sims, and for the first time kids can use them too. I’ve been waiting a long time for proper hot tubs again and enabling kids to use them is awesome, I can’t wait 🙂 Need more vacation worlds now though, and a diving board too Please!!!

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