quick update between updates

Don’t worry I am not going to be gushing about cats again! I built my hopes up way too publicly last time, so no more gushing. Let’s just say I am excited for the return of hot tubs, and I am looking forward to building romantic and family getaways in Granite Falls, and then move swiftly onto grumbling about the hospital!

I’ve always liked the idea of the hospital, and up until the recent update I’ve never had a problem with it. Although I’ve never really enjoyed the gameplay because comparing the hospital to the police station the lack of NPC’s is frustrating and feels like it’s been rushed out unfinished.

In my game Amber Simself was an R.N (?) but after one of her male roommates was abducted by aliens and suffered the embarrassment of giving birth to an unwanted alien baby, she quit and rejoined the scientist career. Once she had invented a satellite dish to prevent further abductions she then quit that career and went back to working in the hospital. That meant starting out on the bottom rung again, but I don’t have a problem with that, because in real life I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing my doctor had been able to simply rejoin the career where they left off without retraining!

And it was going OK, because as an Intern she would turn up for her shift and find all the patients in bed with pulsating red hearts that just needed treating with meds. But then the promotion to Medical Assistant halted any further progress because the doctor finished work shortly after Amber started her shift, meaning that she wasn’t able to refer any of the patients because the only staff available (besides herself) was one Assistant Nurse and the useless receptionist.
sims 4 hospital
I finally figured out that if she was quick there would occasionally be patients that the doctor had already diagnosed available for her to treat before the doctor quit, leaving her to spend the rest of the shift fulfilling other requirements that didn’t involve case referrals, and so after a while she was able to make the next promotion to Medical Technologist.

So it’s a game of two halves, in the early days as an intern life is good, all she needed to do was pull queuing Sims from the scrum at the reception and help them to a bed, then the doctor would drop by their bedside and diagnose them, leaving her to administer the cure and so onto the next patient. It falls apart all too quickly though once the medical Sim starts to gain experience and is promoted. Having spent time as a pawn in the NHS I can see where they’re going with this, but really it’s supposed to be a game and I wouldn’t have bought into it had I known it was going to be a hospital management sim, because a game simulating a failing service or industry is never going to be what I’d call fun!

However, thankfully there are talented modders who are ready to accept the challenge and make good the broken scenario, which though good on one hand because the game is repaired, is also bad because I had been able to play The Sims 3 all the way up to Island Paradise without the need for mods, and here I am less than a year into The sims 4 and I am using Always Keep A Doctor At Hospital (Bugfix) by scumbumbo at MTS because it’s unplayable otherwise.

There’s another hospital mod that I haven’t used but might be worth trying because it adds more NPC’s to the hospital staff, and also uses scumbumbo’s fix. Also the creator is working on fixing the lack of autonomous actions like the useless receptionist
More Staff at Hospital by An_dz at MTS, is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

The latest update included a new unpopulated world, that’s visually very appealing although I am not sure I’ll ever use it
Sims 4 Newcrest
And also a less sparkly dress suit for less flamboyant male Sims but, it’s still ugly!
There’s a much nicer option available at the wictorius tumblr
Sims 4 party
And finally, though at first it seems unconnected to the above post here’s a link to the Chimeway & Daughters Saloon Piano originally from The Sims 2 and converted by EdwardianEd at MTS, because the team at Maxis have created something awesome with the Sims 4, but it’s always going to be modders that fulfill the brief and complete the game with fixes and custom content that players actually want.
Sims 4 upright piano

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