I wasn’t going to do this today, I’ve actually been trying to do anything other than update this blog, but I’ve watched all the recordings on my SKY planner, caught up with emails and I’ve spent too much shopping online, I’ve even been outside picking out weeds that had been growing around the stables, now I’ve got nothing left to do except get over excited about another update!

I am just going to go with it, it’s not as though I haven’t made a fool of myself in the past gushing over imminent updates, so I am excited about half walls! I really didn’t like them in TS3 because of the missing corner and the overhang when they were placed around balconies, but that shouldn’t be a problem in TS4 because we have the roof trim detail that disguises any overhang, how will they look without the create-a-style tool, will they match the masonry and stone patterns?

And door locks, I don’t think it worked well in family households previously because even though it’s great keeping Sims out of each others bedrooms, there would always be issues with a Sim wanting to clean up dishes, or pick up laundry only to find the door locked and that would bork the game, so I am interested to see how they’re going to work this time.
sims 4
Anyway, the game was getting a bit slow, and I kind of like it for a while – not having to accomplish goals and just dropping in every now and then to see how my little household was doing. Usually when that happens I let them use up some of their vacation time and I sit back and watch them chill out, it’s like a players vacation too watching the little Sims relax and enjoy themselves.

I had a brief moment of fun placing hot tubs in the vacation lots, brief because without the Fun Gain From Hot Tubs mod by simmythesim at MTS the Sims were jumping straight out of the hot tubs which is as frustrating as the musical chairs at meal times. I want to say that the issue with the hot tubs will be fixed with this next update, but as the Sims are still moving from seat to seat during meal times I am not so sure it will be. But then the game locked up when one of them tried to take a photo in the forest, even though the lockups don’t happen often it’s enough to turn me off, after all the Sims 3 glitches and lagging all this game needs to do is stutter or misfire and I am done!

I can’t seem to stay away for long though 🙂 I had an idea to build a church or graveyard in the new town, so that my Simself could finally find somewhere to leave the grave of his deceased fiancee. I found a great looking church on the gallery and after tweaking it a bit placed her urn down and discovered that since her ghost had been culled from the game, the headstone was nothing more than an ornament with no interactions at all, so I had him pick up the headstone and carry the urn in his inventory again (couldn’t do that previously) he travelled home via the park where he left it in a quiet spot.
sims 4 churchyard
sims 4 park
Breathless update, I love the new seamless half walls they’re perfect. Lockable doors make bedrooms private and en-suite bathrooms luxurious, whilst sleeping in their own beds means less user input (always good!) And even better news the unbreakable PrioPerfection Motion Sensor Game Mat is (apparently) unbreakable 🙂

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