they bought a castle

As soon as I saw Rivendell, elven outpost by artrui at MTS I knew they had to live in a castle, Gianni Simself may not be the millionaire Sim he once was but, he’s worked hard and has enough money in the bank to start showing off a little. Sadly though not enough for that glorious pile, still it made me think. What he really needed was a dilapidated, old  castle that could be modernised to look like a cash happy banker had snapped it up in a showy impulse. There are loads to choose from on the gallery, but it was the scale and proportions of Dracula Castle (Bran) by Angerouge24 that caught my eye, and I love how it turned out.
sims 4 castle
One of the first things I did (after the mandatory pool), was put a rocket on the roof and a staircase in the room below for access, because I am still jerking young Amber between the science and medical careers. That was when I noticed the gorgeous effect of sunlight streaming in, sadly though I couldn’t replicate it in any other room though and even sadder, I lost it in her room too after putting lockable doors in to stop the rest of the household from sleeping in her bed. (I think it’s more likely to do with ceilings, or lack of to get the sun shine streaming in. Building without ceilings is tempting, but then there’s no sprinkler system in case of fires).

Swapping the roof tiles (new roof, every renovators worst nightmare!) roof trim, flipping the windows so the shutters are on the inside (who wants to climb a 30ft ladder in a storm?) and adding a disneyesque stone foundation with freshly painted railings all round made the place look a lot smarter. It also encouraged me to start meddling with the roof structures (something I really shouldn’t do), I apologise to the original builder because there’s very little left of the dark Gothic towers left, but in the spirit of Grand Designs I couldn’t be happier, because I think it looks as though the old castle has been through a ‘money no object’ modernisation, and is now a family home, albeit a slightly ‘over-the-top’ one 🙂
sims 4 castle
sims 4 custom content by plasticbox
Everything that plasticbox at MTS does is cool and that bookcase override is a favourite. I love decorating with different styles and textures, and the worn, vintage pieces look so good alongside more modern furniture. Another favourite are the base game panelled doors, I just love how beautifully simple and well made they are, it’s a such a shame that they’re invisible most of the time!

I started remodelling the castle before the spa set was released so there was a few empty rooms that I couldn’t figure out how to use, but I’d put a fireplace and a couple of reading chairs in the master bedroom, and that little space was ideal for one of the massage chairs. I love the way they can phone for a masseuse to visit, and that it’s free!! Great after a stressful day 🙂 Thanks to the team that put together the Spa set because the animations are cool and the equipment have small footprints that are easy to place and look great. The venues are awesome too, and for those of us not up to building from scratch, they fit into all the towns, and you can play straight out of the box with no need to faff about.
sims 4 massage service
sims 4 spa sauna
sims 4 office clutter
I love the layout of the rooms upstairs, there are three bedrooms and four bathrooms, a sauna, gym, a couple of cool little courtyards, one of them has enough space for a hot tub. Gianni has an office with a grand fireplace and there’s a really neat corridor that twists around the rooms and staircases. I can’t remember how much of that is original to the build, or how much I’ve fiddled with it, but the basic layout is so cool it’s been easy adapting it to fit my storyline. There’s one more floor above with a games room in the attic, I am still holding out for game consoles and arcade machines because that motion sensor thingumy, as cool as it is, isn’t a group activity and I really think that’s what they need.

The ground floor is something else entirely! There is so much room but nowhere to hang a painting because all the interior walls drop down, that’s given me a bit of trouble because I am so OCD about stuff like that, so I am using the huge entrance hall to display their masterpieces. Honestly I am not complaining though because I love the way it flows. There’s a family room that leads out onto a patio, (then down to the pool) and also connecting doors into a music room. A huge central room with high ceilings and a big old fireplace and sturdy, old fashioned doors leading to more corridors. Little Duncan’s room is big enough for the tent, and there’s a hidden staircase behind a fireplace that leads down to a cellar (but I haven’t figured out why!) From the main hall another door opens onto the main staircase and also stairs down to another cellar (still no idea what for!) and at the end of that corridor there’s a door leading to another patio where they have all the gym equipment. Behind another door there’s yet another corridor giving access to the kitchen, pantry, and an exterior door leading down to the kitchen garden. The corridor winds around to a cosy little nook where Gianni has a desk and reading area for his writing hobby. Lastly there’s a huge dining room with a bar, I love it all 🙂 and I take my hat off to whoever it was that put it together in the first place, because even though the rooms are grand in scale, and there are a lot of them! It’s not like one of those sprawling buildings that you see on the gallery with three of every item in it to fill the space, I think it’s perfect.

sims 4 houses
sims 4 photo glitch
Something horrible happened after the last update though 😦 One of the photos that they’ve moved from the last house, has broken. It’s been on that same wall since they moved in and there’s no reason why it should have broken now…

(edit) it’s fixed after the Aug update

sims 4 piano
sims 4 castles
sims 4 DIY beautifully
Couldn’t resist sharing that last one 🙂

I really like the kitchen looking so dated, it’s just a functioning room for one purpose, but that will probably all change when the kitchen stuff pack is released. I’ve got to try and control myself though because I don’t want it to be too glossy and sleek (do need an ice cream maker again though!) There’s another staircase leading to another unused cellar but I am hoping that soon we’re going to get a wine making machine and some dusty old wine racks, and I love that tiled staircase so much.
sims 4 gardening
sims 4 perfect patio

If you haven’t seen the ‘Get Together’ trailer yet it’s here. I’ve pre-ordered already because I am speechless every time I watch it…”I want need walk in closets!”

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