Manage Worlds Monthly

Is not the title of a magazine for warlords, it’s my once a month ‘being’ God day. Usually a Sunday (apt), and more often than not it will be raining. Living in wet Wales means I could get to play God every Sunday, but I limit it to once a month because at my age I need something to look forward to.

I think it’s the closest way of achieving story progression that we’ve ever had in the franchise, without mods anyway. Will Sims ever be able procreate on their own? I hope so, because they die off without any help. But there’s a teeny hurdle to overcome first and that is it’s not always possible to change their relationships with each other, I say it’s not always possible because I have been able in the past to change male and female roommates into husband and wife. Even though that shouldn’t be possible it’s not usually necessary. All I am aiming to change are Sims already in the game and almost all of the homeless Sims are single anyway, there’s also plenty of single Sim households waiting for my Godlike intervention too.

One thing I feel the need to share is that I have never killed a Sim! Or deleted a household in manage worlds, it may be seen as a weakness amongst Godlike beings, but I prefer the gentle use of cas.fulleditmode to change everything I don’t like about them. Some say benevolent, others may well say charitable, but I like to think of it as beautification and that makes me a good God 🙂

Some months I concentrate on introducing new Sims and bonding them in wedlock. Other times I nourish those sapling households with the addition of exuberant children. This month my job was to introduce perky teenagers because Mrs Simself was pregnant again. Rather than have two children in the house I decided to age Duncan up, so it was a simple job of going through all the households with children and aging some of them into teenagers. And so it is that young Duncan finds himself living in a world of beautiful girl Sims, and it’s not all my doing because, as well as never having killed off a Sim, I’ve also never created one either (apart from my Simself) and get by with ingame genetics combined with a few Godly body tweaks and hair makeovers.
But before any of that Mrs Simself gave birth to another girl, Duncan was once a little girl! I think that’s my favourite part of playing the game, because unlike TS3 it’s easy to change the sex of a Sim child without fear of them aging up into a complete mess. So again when Jenna gave birth to a girl I clicked on the crib to age her up, then spun her around in manage worlds and now she’s a boy called George and he has his father’s (my Simself) genes.
Sims 4 birthday party
Which unfortunately means he’s quite chunky compared to his playmates, but he’s 100% rambunctious so it’s all good. There’s an empty seat at the table because Amber (the eldest daughter) met a suitor at the spa, but she only discovered he was an alien after bedding him on a family holiday, thereby putting an end to that relationship! Although there are a couple of other likely geniuses around town, so potentially she could find her soul mate amongst the current crop.

It’s also likely that Colin and Luca will move out soon, I’ve got an idea that they’re going to move into a modern apartment in the new town that’s coming soon. Or I may move my Simself household to the new town and find somewhere else for Colin and Luca, I haven’t figured it all out yet! One thing I will need to do first is to sell the businesses they both run, and then cheat together the funds to enable them to buy them back. At the moment both businesses are owned by the household, and I am not keen on my Simself on running a café but hopefully if it works it would be cool for them to still visit those venues as customers.
George when he was a baby girl, and bonding with his big brother Duncan. Lastly, I am not sure if it’s because several different Sims mixed up the drinks but this last screenshot from the morning after the birthday party is cool. I’ve seen Sims wandering around with glasses in both hands before and usually it’s a glitch, this time though he drinks from both glasses and seems to enjoy one more than the other 🙂

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