A funny thing happened on the way back from Willow Creek

Not laugh out loud funny, more a quirky WTF? glitch that the Sims franchise is renowned for, and which then led me onto another potential bug but, whilst figuring that problem out I discovered a great thing that made me very happy.

Starting at the beginning, something odd has happened to the textures of some of the harvestables after the ice cream maker was released. I think it only affected the ‘herby’ vegetables as there is a flavor of ice cream that when eaten brings the Sims out in a leaf covered rash. In the game the harvestables look awful but it doesn’t affect their quality, so it’s not that big a deal and should be fixed soon. My issue came about after noticing a new cooking recipe for ‘Superfood Salad’ that need a pomegranate, and that was one thing that they didn’t have in their garden. So I had one of the household travel to Willow Creek to take a cutting from a lot where I knew there was a Cherry tree growing and graft it onto an apple tree they already had.

There was no problem taking the cutting, and travelling back to their home lot to graft the tree. The problem was the save crashed straight after. The first time it happened I thought it was because I’d been playing for too long, and because I save frequently I was happy to just put it down to bad luck, and left it at that for the day. The next day I tried the same thing again and it crashed again. I cleared out the cache, deleted the error reports and restarted the game, this time choosing a different Sim to collect the cutting because I remembered it crashed out a while back when that Sim had tried grafting a different plant. But it happened again 😦

After all that messing about I found a cherry tree ready for harvesting in the World close to their castle, so I had one of them harvest it and plant a new tree in their garden. Then when that tree had grown take a cutting from it and graft it onto their existing apple tree, and save…

No crash!
It seems there’s an issue with grafting cuttings taken from elsewhere in the World, yet there’s a better way to achieve the desired result so it’s not a huge problem.

The other issue is all about bloated save files, but until anyone at EA tells us what size an average save file should be, who’s to say what’s bloated anyway! I noticed whilst I was clearing the crashed files, that my save files rose from 42MB, to 43 until it eventually reached over 45MB before I figured out there could be a problem. Then I started clearing junk from their inventories and selling a lot of their masterpiece paintings. After the great purge and selling two businesses, and removing mods from the game the save file stands at 45MB dead. However, they do live in a castle with countless rooms spread over four floors, and a complete garden too, so it’s unlikely to go any lower even though I have no mods, overrides or custom content in my game. I guess it’s just one of those things, the save files are going to get bloated as the game goes on, and huge lots crammed full of Sims and their clutter is not going to help. Even so the game isn’t lagging or crashing (apart from above example!) So I think it’s best to leave alone, although I am twitching to do something with the scratch folder, because in my game it’s filled with memories and screenshots from a previous game that I’d love to clear out – I am just not that brave…
sims get to work
On a happier note, I am pleasantly surprised and deliriously happy about how easy it is to sell their businesses. I’ve really enjoyed running the café and camping shop, but once Luca and Colin move out of the castle the responsibility of running those businesses will fall on my Simself, and he’s looking forward to doing less!

I played it differently with both businesses, at Luca’s I set the prices at 5% and spent three days selling off every thing until all the cakes were gone and the walls empty, before transferring the funds and selling the business. He went back the next day because I wanted to see whether it would be open and staffed, and it was with three employees, but now I have to figure out how to stock the fridges! There was less work involved at the outdoor store, Colin visited on a Sunday morning, transferred the cash and sold it using the till, selling both businesses raised over §270K boosting the household funds to over one million simoleons 🙂
sims 4 retail
And of course now I am without mods! CC free so to say, even though I didn’t have a ton of stuff I did have to replace some furniture, and a lot of their outfits defaulted to basic. The thing I was most sad to lose was the body hair tattoo, because I use them to create individual looking Sims, but I think the basic skin tones look better and muscles better defined without the overlays. So unless EA releases another game crashing, lagging Island Paradise my Mods folder is going to remain empty.

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