Happy New Year

It’s been a while since I updated and so much has happened. To start with I forced my poor old PC into accepting Windows 10! I built it years ago around Windows 7 and happily ignored everything to do with Windows 8. But when I read about how Windows 10 would be the last Microsoft OS, and would be progressively updated from time to time, it struck me as a good idea. Plus it was free and I liked what I’d seen in the previews.

It all went smoothly enough, I treated the old box to a new graphics card because the old one was running like a furnace, and the WiFi antenna was failing so I upgraded that too with a neat little dual-band USB dongle thingumy, which is very impressive. I also used the opportunity to clear out a lot of junk files, and hoovered out an inch thick layer of dust from inside the case (a bit exaggerated but there was more cat hair in there than on the cat!)

After all that, and a few days of updating drivers and software and exploring the changes to the system I decided to reinstall the Sims. The huge bloated save file was a concern, but so was the new Windows software, and I thought to prevent any issues in the future a fresh install would be a good idea. That all went smoothly as well, I saved the household to the gallery – after making a note of their financial worth because the gallery resets their funds. I can’t remember if I saved their castle, but as I was planning on starting a new save I probably didn’t.

Playing the game after a fresh restart was amazing the load and save times seemed dramatically shorter. And the lack of mods made me look at, and appreciate the in game items in a much more open way. I think originally I had been blinkered by my previous prejudices to all things TS3 that I didn’t give any of it a chance. Once I started actually trying out the items I found there was loads of chairs, tables, beds and even curtains and blinds that I really liked. So I was happy to play on without filling the Mods folder with loads of junk again.

So, what’s been happening?
11-23-15_7-05-27 PM

When Amber met Malcolm Landgraab

It seemed like the perfect dalliance! I can’t remember if he came with the comedy walk style or whether I gave it to him, but I just love the way he’s got an evil personality with mischievous traits and a giggly camp way of acting. Amber was in danger of becoming too serious and dull from her work as a scientist, and after trying most (though thankfully not all) of the remaining eligible townies, hooking up with Malcolm seemed like something that needed doing!
11-23-15_7-52-42 PM
One thing I had forgotten about though was that Gianni Simself had history with Malcolm! Even though he was happy to see his otherwise staid daughter marry into money, it seems he couldn’t let go of his feelings and spent much of the night angry, fighting with everyone. Even his beautiful wife was made miserable by his mood. Although they found a way of making up in one of the venues en-suite bedrooms.

For the wedding venue I chose The Solar Flare Lounge in Oasis Springs and made some changes, though looking back through the screenshots I think it needs remodelling again! I always add bedrooms to venues because I like the idea of them having an illicit rendezvous somewhere far from home, but up until a recent update they couldn’t woohoo with anyone other than their legitimate partner – I already tried with Mrs Simself who met Duncan’s father whilst working in Luca’s bakery, but had to travel to a lodge in the forest to seal the deal (hence Duncan!) I can’t remember if the venue beds were working on this occasion, but it didn’t really matter as Gianni and Mrs Simself had no trouble and were enjoying themselves so much it seemed mean not to let them try for a baby (Dean was born a short time later).

10-25-15_4-39-37 PM
I’ve just found that screenshot while I was looking for something else. It probably explains why Gianni was in such a foul mood that evening! I don’t remember her seducing the bar staff, but at least it shows that the beds weren’t working for non-familiar trysts.

Amber and Malcolm spent most of their honeymoon romping about making babies though I haven’t played their household since so I don’t even know the infants name, but I will be going back to them soon because I’ve found a new house for them on the gallery and I’d love to replace the Affluista Mansion.

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