Disco Daze

Before the problems with the bakery there was drama at the disco. Although it seemed monumental at the time it’s all good now.

Duncan is Gianni Simself’s illegitimate son. When he was born I had the idea of keeping him in the family home as a gobby, hot-headed teenager that would serve as a mean reminder of Mrs Simself’s colourful past. But, it turned out he was so much nicer than that, and once he started developing musical talent I changed his traits from an angry loner to a creative music lover.

Truth be told I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the DJ decks and he was the perfect candidate. I thought I’d jumped the gun a bit by aging him up from a teenager to a young adult though because he maxed out the DJ and dancing skills really quickly and he could take the portable decks anywhere to play the crowds. But then most of his friends were older and having been a moody teenager he didn’t have a lover (although he did, I didn’t know that he still had a relationship with an old girlfriend that I had forgotten about). Aging him up gave me the opportunity to add another trait and change his LTW to serial romantic.

I loved watching him work the crowds into a jerking frenzy, wearing his comfy cardigan and then going home early to read a good book. But, the DJ career isn’t really that big a deal. It’s not a career at all in fact, as they don’t earn anything from the gigs, they don’t get much royalties from the mix tapes, and the tunes he publishes are a bit dull and repetitive too…
01-04-16_6-12-51 PM
But it’s not all bad in fact it’s actually kind of cool the way it’s worked out. So from the top, I don’t like the Windenburg clubs but I left them alone because I had already put Industrial Living by ruthless_kk down in Newcrest. At the time I didn’t know what to do with it, it seemed like the perfect venue for a dance club. As with all of her builds it’s absolutely perfect, there’s no CC and the rooms are well proportioned.

I don’t think I need to apologise this time for hacking it about, because (I hope anyway!) the changes I’ve made suit the building and give it a new life. After all it was a disused industrial unit and I think the new purpose suits it well.
01-06-16_7-42-58 PM
01-06-16_7-50-47 PM
01-06-16_7-48-51 PM
01-06-16_7-59-19 PM
I built a private ‘club’ room, a wall of monitors and a locked changing room behind the DJ booth. Toilets in the basement, a bar, chillout lounge upstairs and put a table and chairs in the kitchen area. It was all going too well, until I discovered that he couldn’t upgrade the big DJ booth at the venue, and he couldn’t transport that booth after upgrading it home! I didn’t want to leave the portable decks in the club because I wanted something that looked more permanent. But I had no idea how to fix the problem.

Then a solution presented itself…
01-06-16_8-02-24 PM
A tall, dark handsome stranger started appearing wherever Duncan the DJ went. I am not usually one for stereotyping but, the guy’s got a beard and gets very excited when he dances! This storyline was only going to go one way, but the last thing I wanted was to make it tame, because by now I knew that Duncan had a girlfriend – she had actually grown up from a teen to an adult with their relationship preserved, and the bear? …well he’s not the type to be tied down for long!
01-13-16_9-12-44 PM
01-07-16_8-48-43 PM
No sooner had I started formulating a plan, than Duncan spotted his new pal sitting alone in the park?  He was tired after jogging and it didn’t take long for the big man to stop rebuffing his flirts and gladly agree to massage his tension away.
01-07-16_8-51-57 PM
01-07-16_8-57-39 PM
Then back to the club while I tried to figure what to do next. The tall dark stranger was a random townie and I still don’t know his name! But he needed a house Newcrest Contempo 6 by ruthless_kk is a great choice.
01-18-16_8-12-21 PM
They moved in together, then I had to run the money cheat to enable them to buy the club. Once Duncan had upgraded the dj booth they sold the club and he moved out again!
01-10-16_3-17-12 PM
I learnt a lot from the experience, most important, and I can’t believe how long it took me to figure it out! Is build on the venues from the world map because then you have access to all the build catalogue, previously I had been making small changes while visiting the venues with active Sims. And do all that before buying the venue. The floor lamps buried deep within buy -debug make all the drama with the dj booth well worth it, ow they have a great club venue to visit.

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