Custom content made everything better *updated 6/4/2016

My game has suddenly become playable again!

Sometime between the end of January and the end of March an unknown entity entered my computer and made changes to my game files, changes for the better and changes that seem to fly in the face of all previous EA updates. Honestly I have no idea what happened but I am not complaining, really!

All I can remember was reading that the Easter bunny challenge would be returning and how that made me happy, because in the new game the bunny was locked out even though last year the family had won it fairly and squarely, so starting over was not a bad thing for them at least.

Screenshots are a good indicator of enjoyable gameplay so it wasn’t a great shock to see there was loads for January but then none for February or most of March. Not until the 28th (my Birthday!) Because it was around that time that I downloaded and installed (I don’t always) some custom content. The game was up to date, and whatever content had been provided with the updates during that period were all there and good, as was the latest game/stuff pack. All though none of it interested me enough to really get playing.

Installing CC made everything different, like the impact of brightness you get from plugging the power lead in when your laptop batteries are critically low. Or the first time you wear the reading glasses hidden for years at the back of a desk drawer that make the blurry words leap from the page in crisp, clarity.

Maybe it was the Easter bunny after all! Or most likely my game just needed to be more individual. Truthfully though after all the glitches and bugs I was really close to quitting. Installing updates out of habit and never imagining they’d actually fix anything. I started to think about writing a post titled ‘Bored Now!’ It could well have been my last, as it seemed my Sims saga was ended.
sims 4 body hair mod
So the first thing I have Sandy from Around the Sims to thank for, because I noticed in one of her screenshots her Sim had body hair. I had used Body Hair from LumiaLover’s Blog before, but in a bout of sensibility had decided to play the new game with very little CC. Previously the CAS cheat had been too much effort and had been problematic changing the townies. Now I am playing rotational again, it became more important to see individual Sims and not just the same old. Also in that shot are the padded out swimming trunks from Sheik’s Simblr, they were essential after installing the bulging underwear from SimBuscus’s Simblr (think it’s the same blogger). Which were essential because somehow EA borked up the texture of the base game drawers so much so that it looks as though the silly Sims are wearing girlie pants under their shorts.

Using the cas.fulleditmode cheat and the walk in closets make changing the way Sims look so much easier, and seeing unique Sims in the game makes me want to play more. There are other less bulging underwear mods available, but they still have the odd ‘pants’ texture, so not for me.

That’s not where it all started from though. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to a modder whose mod has come in for a bit of grief recently, and has probably stopped developing the mod that saved my game – not exaggerating! Earlier on in the year I had been excited about Zooroo’s cash machine because I made a mistake and gave one of Mr Simself’s boys a reward trait that meant he was getting tens of thousands of simoleons every week. I knew the best thing to do would be to move him out of the household and start his own family, but by the time I had a plan formulated I noticed that the mod had been updated and new features included the ability to borrow money, which was causing unbelievably high loan repayments. Hence all the negative feedback, all of which seemed like a terrible shame because I liked the idea of the mod, and I liked the way it made use of the deco cash machine. I thought I’d missed out and decided to try out Simoleon Cheques – For Transferring Larger Amounts by Treelife Creations although as the household was worth a lot of millions the amounts were too small. It’s still a cool idea though, given how taxing TS3 banking mods were, and the constant requests from the community for realistic finances, being able to transfer funds easily as it’s basically an object is brilliant. In the end I didn’t use the cheques because another storyline from another household uses Stacks of Cash by the much loved and very well respected Plasticbox at MTS 🙂
But I did install the cash machine mod…
03-27-16_8-39-35 PM
… and I am so glad I did. Now all of the Simself’s kids can leave home with a decent chunk of cash to set up their new homes. I have NOT had any problem with huge interest bills because the option to borrow never appears. Maybe it’s because the household has enough cash available, or maybe Zooroo has made some changes behind the scenes, whatever the reason it’s rejuvenated my game and I’m very, very grateful to Zooroo & Plasticbox too. You’ll see how grateful I am in later posts The Freedom Ranch 🙂

* update – Sadly the cash machine mod is broken, but all is not lost! Treelife’s Money System (cheques) work well for small amounts. Now when a Sim is planning to visit the Freedom Ranch they write out a heap of §1000 cheques  and leave them on the counter just like before.

06-05-16_9-02-42 PM
06-05-16_9-06-36 PM

** Another update (Nov 21st) The Treelife cheques are not working 100% anymore. They’ve never been draggable, although the Sim that buys them could. But the Sim that recieves them couldn’t. Now though they can only be cashed (sold!) from the household inventory. Deleting them in buy mode gives §0!

So we’ve reverted to paying with bullion 🙂
The gold bars that come with Plasticbox’s ‘Stacks of Cash’ mod are worth §1000, can be stacked and Sims are able to add them to their inventory. I am not even bothering to drag them around anymore, the visiting Sim has the option to ‘place in the world’ so will drop them wherever they stand, and the Sims that work at the Freedom Ranch can add them to their inventories with no bother at all. Downside is Plasticbox seems to be taking a hiatus – which I hope is only temporary, because Mr/Mrs/Miss Plasticbox you’re a greatly respected member of the Simming community and will be greatly missed if you have decided to hang up your modding toolbox.

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