A doctor, policeman and a playboy – The grown up Simself kids

Almost all of the grown-up Simself kids have left home now. The first was Amber who was born before he married Jenna. Amber is married to Malcolm Landgraab and they have two kids of their own Trent and Paula.

As much as I love Malcolm I really didn’t like the Affluista Mansion he lived in, so for a long time I left them to get on with it by themselves. Recently though I’ve been filling in the blank spaces on the map. Remodelling and replacing the lots I don’t like, everything apart from that massive house.

I started to tweak it a bit, but I still wanted to keep the original shape because I wanted to keep the map screen looking the same. Not being able to change the colour of the roof trim frustrated me, even after demolishing and rebuilding the bright white trim kept returning! It was becoming a bore, as all I wanted to do was play the game. Then after going through the gallery, downloading and deleting lots of different houses that I didn’t like either, I went back to the original that I’d saved on the gallery, and looked at it from the perspective of a storyline I was thinking of.

Malcolm is a cool Sim, and I liked the way he was destined to be dastardly even though he’s camp and flouncy. I changed his evil trait to kleptomaniac although I’ve yet to see him nick anything. And it seemed right that he should still be living in his parents house. He is after all a bit of a ‘plastic’ gangster, he has all the evil overlord ambitions but none of the drive and determination. It doesn’t help that he married a warm, caring doctor but then again neither does his flamboyant arm waving and the need to give loving hugs!

He will always be one of my favourite Sims though and maybe one day he will sire a truly nasty villain. Until then, he’s going to keep on hacking local businesses and work on his rocket building skills so he can explore space and fill his house with collectibles.
04-19-16_8-44-43 PM
The house is basically the same, all I did was change the windows, roof, windows, doors and wall coverings! It wasn’t until I swapped the naff looking concrete fence at the front for plasticbox’s Tasteful Fence override that I was able to enjoy the process and start putting together a house I’d like to live in.
04-19-16_8-43-01 PM
I built a secure basement so he can maybe grow some space plants (I am thinking drugs!) and a locked safe room behind the closet in his bedroom where he can stash all the loot he may or may not steal in the future.
04-19-16_8-47-45 PM
I love these folding chairs by Sandy at Around The Sims, almost every household has them because they look so good.
Rustic bed frames & texture referencing mattresses by plasticbox.

Dean moved in with ‘Uncle’ Dave the guardian of Lincoln and Ariel Patel. Uncle Dave was a random townie who just happened to be in the right place when Gianni Simself’s first girlfriend got old and died, it didn’t take much tweaking to make him cool and having the kids move in with him meant they didn’t have to live with Gianni – because at that time he was living it up in a bachelor house. They could have done after he was married but it seemed cruel to keep moving them around.
03-30-16_3-31-34 PM
04-12-16_12-35-01 PM
Their house is one of the Newcrest Contempo Starters by ruthless_kk but I did mess about with it! I built an extra floor to put in two more bedrooms and restyled it a bit to make it look like a townhouse. I also put a foundation under it because I like decking out back rather than just plonking stuff down on the turf. I think the different levels look better and those worn out planks are my favourite EA floors, they’re all good but I really like the colours of that wood.

Putting the house on a foundation causes a very annoying glitch that resets the front door, although it can be fixed on the low foundations by putting a staircase – literally one step – on the foundation directly ahead of the front door.
04-26-16_12-04-57 PM
The house next door is another Newcrest Contempo Starter by ruthless_kk, where Luca & Colin live with their adopted son. I messed about with that one too, though they’re both great to start with.

As with a lot of these houses it’s difficult to find CC, mostly it’s because I use a lot of overrides. Looking at the picture above I can see the  Very Low Stone Wall by plasticbox at MTS – another plasticbox override that I use often is the Small/Neutral Override for Kids’ Ceiling Light.
04-20-16_8-32-19 PM
04-19-16_9-05-27 PM

George Simself moved into the big Cypress Terrace with Clarke Spencer-Kim. I had no idea how his story should go, but I had an idea the building was near the waterfront and would make a good party house. He didn’t know Clarke before he moved in, although it doesn’t take much to bond a couple of Sims, no matter how unlikely the pairing is.

The location of the house was a pleasant surprise though as it’s situated in the middle of really good looking parkland. Again, I changed the wall coverings, roof, doors and window colours to make them less bold.04-20-16_3-50-17 PM
04-20-16_3-50-27 PM
Turns out Clarke is a bit of a nerd, totally the opposite to George’s partying lifestyle, but it put in mind a new storyline. So I moved both the lads out to an empty lot and built a science lab in the attached extension that looks a lot like a hanger. Then when the lads moved back in, Clarke joined the science career and George who doesn’t actually need to work as he still has a ton of cash from his father’s bank account, spends his time learning to code and modding games.
04-20-16_3-52-34 PM
There’s that awesome floor again! I love the little sunken garden it seemed a great place to put a growfruit tree, although I hadn’t realised how many of them there were in the surrounding parkland already and I’m not sure if they’re all going to disappear with the next update. It might be nice if they’re magically replaced with another harvestable, something like a marshmallow or strawberry cheesecake tree – but that’s not likely. I could maybe put a cow plant in there instead if they didn’t scare me so much!

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