A wish for Granite Falls

It seems a bit of a tradition for me to revisit the vacation world whilst waiting for update news, although this time I did the remodelling a while back. But because I don’t want to play the game after backing everything up earlier today, I thought I’d write this post because there’s a couple of really nice CC additions that I think make the lodges complete.
04-13-16_5-07-54 PM
04-13-16_5-09-13 PM
04-13-16_5-18-31 PM

The larger lodges have a sauna inside on the ground floor, near the communal eating or terrace. But the smaller ones don’t have enough room, I did try building sheds outside but I really don’t like all the buildings on a lot to have foundations, so I put them in basements instead. Placing the entrance to the basements outside and open I think is in keeping with the lodge appearance, bulkhead doors would look better but I am happy enough how they work.

04-13-16_5-39-31 PM
One thing I always forget, is don’t try to cook potions on the old wood burning stove it doesn’t work! Better to use the grill outside.
04-26-16_12-46-45 PM

I think there is an update tonight although I have no idea what’s going to happen. I am a bit excited about the news on restaurants though because I think there’s a need for dating venues. I wonder if it will be possible to convert the bug museum into a restaurant? I know it doesn’t work as a café – although to be fair, I’ve never tried to change the lot category. Maybe changing it from National Park to Restaurant or café would work, or maybe it will bork the npc’s associated with the park.

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