Duncan drops out

Once the two younger boys had left home it seemed really odd for Duncan to stay, but where would he go? He had a couple of ongoing relationships that were getting a bit dull, and there was still the question of would he or even should he! seduce the housekeeper.

The first problem was easily fixed by downloading the gorgeous little Greek-Inspired Home by Thurid666, I am working my way through all the beach front properties on the island in Windenburg, I want them all to face the right way! And look like island beach properties…
05-01-16_1-29-55 PM
note to original creator – I really am very sorry for messing about with it so much, it’s a lovely little house. But of all the houses in the world that needed a log burner, this is the one and unfortunately the stove needs medium height walls because using MOO leaves a flue pipe sticking up through the bedroom floor!
05-01-16_1-11-29 PM
Duncan left home with close to a million simoleons and a ton of grade A harvestables in his pocket, the plan was to drop out and start a life of self-sufficiency. Although going without a shave and growing his teenage hair out does not a farmer make! He was soon desperately bored, craving the nightlife. But I have faith in the boy, his house is gorgeous and watching him potter around the garden in the endless sunshine makes me envious!

However, even after changing his dance crazy traits to a more modest outdoor lifestyle he was still suffering from boredom, so rather than mess around with his whims I decided to play with his romance aspirations.
04-30-16_1-03-38 PM
04-30-16_1-04-26 PM
04-30-16_12-56-21 PM
The house is Newcrest Contempo 6 by ruthless_kk I still don’t know the guys name! but I don’t think it’s a serious relationship and he does have other more concerning issues…

05-01-16_2-52-27 PM
He’s a regular visitor to the ‘Freedom Ranch’ although things don’t always go to plan! More about that later.
04-30-16_1-22-36 PM
It’s his relationship with his parents housekeeper that looks the most interesting, I think she’s expecting a baby and that’s going to make things very complicated at the Simself household… more about that later too!

So leaving his complicated love life aside for a moment, going back to the house… I know I said already how beautiful it is, but it really does sit well in the island setting, it’s also inspiring a fun storyline which I appreciate. I really am trying to limit the amount of CC in the game, as I know from experience breakages happen but I also really wanted to create a unique home that does justice to the house and location, and that also fulfills the brief of self-sufficiency. Simulacra Medium Aevum has some amazing Medieval content that I wanted to use, but in the end it was a bit too primitive for his lifestyle. The barrel shower is a must have though because in our game its recycling rain water!

05-01-16_2-34-06 PM

05-01-16_1-09-20 PM

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