Roomies Re-imagined

This isn’t part of the story but it’s a fun household to play. For a while I’ve been taking homeless Sims and putting them together to keep them in the game a bit like the Roomies household but they don’t know each other beforehand. It’s fun watching how their stories develop even with no planning involved.

It made me want to try an apartment scenario, I could take random Sims from the homeless bin and put them together, but this time tweak their traits to make it interesting.05-23-16_9-42-24 PM
05-07-16_1-57-42 PM
05-23-16_9-45-18 PM
NewCrest Apt. Building by APOCOLYPSE1021 looks great in the neighbourhood, but I did mess about with it a lot! I changed the staircases on the ground floor so now one leads up to the first floor and the other to a basement. I am hoping to put a laundry down there one day. There are two apartments on the ground floor, two on the first floor and one big open loft on the second floor.

I have locked some of the interior doors so that only those family groups can access their own apartment, but I’ve also left a couple open so the whole household can have group meals. Space is limited outside but there is a garden and communal eating/grilling area. Locking some of the doors does sometimes glitch when they try to clean up dishes, but it’s not a big deal.
Madge Orwell is a spinster with the klepto trait her apartment is on two floors and is filled with stuff she’s stolen. For a long time I couldn’t figure out the klepto trait, I knew she was stealing stuff but I couldn’t find it in her inventory, I found it by chance in the household inventory which was a good surprise!
Jamel and Gregory Talbot (father & son) share the other ground floor apartment. Jamel looks after the garden and I put Gregs bedroom in the basement as he’s a bit of a loner and is happier alone playing computer games.

Rowan Douglas and Ariel Posey share a flat on the next floor, their relationship is complicated and more off than on as I play the other households. I never know what’s going on until I check in and find one of them sleeping on the sofa.

Frank Tidwell lives next door, he’s the token gay guy and I think he’s cool 🙂 For the record I should say that all I’ve changed about these Sims are hair, clothes and some of their traits – and that’s only because the game generated them almost perfectly, I just tweaked them a little to fit my storyline.

I was hunting for artwork to decorate their rooms when I had an idea. Frank is shy. He’s not a loner just awkward around meeting new people. He’s also (how to say) inexperienced in love. Which combined with his new career as a law keeper led me to a dark place…
Slightly stalkerish but it’s all harmless really. He actually needs to use all his charm and wit to win the confidence of the boys he meets, he then needs to muster all his courage and keep his nerves in check when he asks them to show him their underwear! Like I said it’s just a game – I couldn’t resist.
Layne Orellana an aging rock star lives in the top floor loft. He likes nothing more than listening to retro tunes on the radio and exploring his creative talent at the easel. His door is never locked and from time to time one or both of the girls from downstairs commandeer his bed, but he doesn’t mind he’s so chilled he just crashes on the couch.


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