The housekeeper has gone wild!

04-03-16_2-48-44 PM
Everything started out well enough, Mia Doherty the Simself’s housekeeper had an affair with Colin (Luca’s BF with the non-committal trait!) and became pregnant. And Mrs Simself having seen all her kids grow up and leave home followed suit, soon enough two beautiful, bawling babies were born. Mia had a son named Dorian, and Mrs Simself had a daughter Finley – she of course was aged up to a little boy (now Finlay). This time I had justification because both babies grew into odd looking kids (this happened before the unisex hairdo update in May)
The Simself’s daughter is in the middle and clearly looks like a boy! So I had no problem cheating her in CAS. Before all of that though Mia had another affair! This time she and Duncan Simself had a baby girl named Amanda.
05-17-16_1-15-59 PM
I love that screenshot, love the way Amanda is looking up at her Dad 🙂 I also really like how the genetics work, after the initial wardrobe malfunction Finlay clearly has Mrs Simself’s features and Amanda has been blessed with Duncan’s red hair.

Having three kids in the house was boring though, so I aged Dorian up to a teenager and he’s got his father’s darker skin tone and his father’s impressive backside – I hope that’s not as creepy as it sounds! Colin is a fine specimen of Sim masculinity and his son is shaping up very nicely…
I love how the genetics work – I also love how stuff looks since they updated the windows and lighting. You can see from the dates of the two images above I’ve not been playing much (not at all in fact!) The gameplay is really no more than playing dolls, dressing them up and moving them around a dolls house world. But then EA announced the next expansion pack and I am excited again (doh!) I know I do the same thing every time a new EP is advertised, but I really liked Bridgeport in TS3. I didn’t really get all the supernatural guff, and the apartments didn’t really work out as I wanted, but, I still liked it. If they can deliver (and I don’t see why not) apartment buildings that work, in a town with festivals and fireworks and all the other good stuff… I’ll be a happy player. I am really needing the food stalls (the chopsticks look amazing) – and I am so in need of the basketball hoop and games console – I am really missing those right now.

So here I am 4 months later, the big problem with lack of new content – and then stale gameplay is it makes players search out exciting mods to liven things up. And that’s what I did! I spent a couple of hours finding new clothes, hairstyles and furniture, and then deleted them one by one when I didn’t like them after all. I looked at some mods too, but overall I am happy with the way the game plays out, I don’t want to mess about with it too much. But I did install Teen and YA Romance by Shimrod101 @ MTS I love it 🙂 In the past my poor teen Sims have suffered when their partner aged up and left them hanging, but more than that there’s so little difference between (older) teens and young adults – And looking at the shape of them they’re a long way off being kids – they should be allowed to experiment a little. I suppose it adds a layer of realism too.
It also adds another layer of challenge to the game, because teens have a (hard to say, without sounding old!) limited attention span, so even when the banter is flowing and their enthusiasm is peaking they can still wave away any romantic suggestions and that’s good for my game anyway.

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