The Freedom Ranch

Is my favourite destination! Made possible by Zooroo’s amazing cash machine mod, this is something I’ve wanted to do for ever! On the outskirts of town, there’s a place where you’re always welcome. It’s a place where everyone knows your name (even if it isn’t your real one!) It’s somewhere to relax, to unwind. A place where you don’t need to pretend, somewhere you can be yourself and satisfy your wildest desires. No-one judges or tells you you can’t… they’re not likely to either because you’re paying!
04-30-16_2-20-34 PM
Rippling Flats by Nevi’s Dreams fits the bill perfectly…

Seems as though the June update has broken the cash machine. Apart from that catastrophe I was pleased with everything that came with the update, especially the lighting effects and the way the Sims look sharper. I really like that they sit and listen to stories now rather than all standing. And I love the CAS changes
But! Why can’t we change hair colour for the different categories? Uncle Dave is a perfect example, he already had the camp, flouncy walk which I totally loved because it’s pure comedy watching him, and now he can cross dress its insanely good. I made up a party outfit with matching tights for when he visits the ranch but I really wanted him to look like a trannie (C— in a frock) and the body hair helps a lot! Although it would have been so much better if I could have made his wig a different colour.

* update – Sadly the cash machine mod is broken, but all is not lost! Treelife’s Money System (cheques) work well for small amounts. Now when a Sim is planning to visit the Freedom Ranch they write out a heap of §1000 cheques and leave them on the counter just like before.

** Another update (Nov 21st) The Treelife cheques are not working 100% anymore. They’ve never been draggable, although the Sim that buys them could. But the Sim that recieves them couldn’t. Now though they can only be cashed (sold!) from the household inventory. Deleting them in buy mode gives §0!

I can’t remember who’s who but there are two males and two females, they are all young adults and I think I am going to age up the madam so that she’s really ancient just for fun!
The office door is locked so that only the household has access, and each Sim has their own bed to sleep in but because the rooms aren’t locked they choose random beds when the client requests woohoo. The hot tub seems to be working better now as well, the Sims are not so quick to jump out and chat, kiss and cuddle after woohoo.

Relationship values decrease quickly with rotational play, which I think adds to the gameplay. On previous occasions Uncle Dave had been to visit the young blonde guy and they’d had A LOT of fun together, a while later after playing different households he returned to the ranch only to find he wasn’t romantically linked with the cute blonde anymore. Undeterred he set his sights on the resident hunk and they quickly established a keen relationship, even after the blonde guy became jealous.
It looks as though they gays are having all the fun, they probably are because I love the way they carry on! The girls are kept busy too, even more so after I aged the boss lady up she’s so much fun 🙂
With all the drama around payment we’ve reverted to good old fashioned bullion 🙂
The gold bars that come with Plasticbox’s ‘Stacks of Cash’ mod are worth §1000, can be stacked and Sims are able to add them to their inventory. I am not even bothering to drag them around anymore, the visiting Sim has the option to ‘place in the world’ so will drop them wherever they stand, and the Sims that work at the Freedom Ranch can add them to their inventories with no bother at all. Downside is Plasticbox seems to be taking a hiatus – which I hope is only temporary, because Mr/Mrs/Miss Plasticbox you’re a greatly respected member of the Simming community and will be greatly missed if you have decided to hang up your modding toolbox.

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