Dine Out

06-07-16_8-05-57 PM
Sorry for the gruesome screenshot, let’s just say the whole dining out experience didn’t quite go as either of us planned!

The first thing I did after updating was drop the Chez Llama restaurant down on the Windenburg pool lot, I like the waterside location but I think if I am going to keep it there I’ll have to do some remodelling because it’s a small venue on a large lot and it looks a bit odd. I like the layout of the building though and I love the booth seating, but I really don’t like the tables. Also (and it’s a personal taste) I think the decor is a bit bland for a high end restaurant, maybe a richer more sumptuous palette would have worked better.

So, back to the event. My Simself took his wife and youngest son for a meal in the newest, swankiest restaurant in town. All of them dressed in their smartest clothes although Mrs Simself was wearing a dress I’d never seen before! She’s not in the screenshot, or even at the table because she was separated from the group as soon as they arrived. It seems that club gatherings have a stronger influence than travelling as a group, because as soon as they arrived she was herded up by the Paragons and spent the rest of the evening chatting at the bar and playing the piano for §8 tips – very embarrassing for my Simself as they’re worth over 7 million!

Even after quitting the group it was impossible for her to rejoin the family as the table had only been booked for the other two. I could have made them give up the table and restart the meal, but really who’s going to do that in real life! I do think they should have included an ‘invite to join table’ option, which would have made situations like that a little easier.

The meal was cut short anyway because after a glass of wine and a pricey starter my Simself stood up and vomited all over his new shoes, thankfully there’s no gross puddle but it’s astonishing that it even happens. Pregnant Sims with morning sickness always find their way to the bathroom and never embarrass themselves like that. Honestly I don’t like that at all, it’s a game I know and it’s supposed to be funny, I know all that – but that just isn’t funny – it’s gross!

After satisfying myself that everything was OK after the update I quit the game and reloaded with my mods folder back in its rightful place. This time I tried the pre-built bistro and sent the entire Simself household. Once again Mrs Simself was hijacked by the Paragon posse, and after having her quit the group I left her to her own devices, she was at home when the family returned so all good.

I love all of the catering equipment provided with the GP, the serving hatch and the busboy station are really well made. And as unusual as it sounds I love the bistro dining chairs! Food prices are good too, the entire three course meal for five Sims with drinks and cake came to less than §200 which is pretty cool, and so is the way that no-one individual course totally fills them, even after eating three courses none of the Sims was completely full. I also like how the waiters were different in each venue and how their skill levels affect service. One thing I didn’t like was the way they come to the table carrying a stack of dirty dishes, only to leave them on the table when there’s nothing to collect. They come to collect them soon after but who would put up with that in real life!

I also had a ‘can’t bring more food because there’s unfinished dishes already on the table’ notification, when there wasn’t, but the kids had a couple of sodas that either they couldn’t or wouldn’t drink, so I think they must have been the cause. I had the two adults drink the sodas and soon after the next course was delivered.

I don’t have any screenshots because I had kind of lost interest, but I wasn’t really playing the game I was just testing with the mods folder reinstalled. I had seen enough to know it’s well worth having and for the price adds a lot of future gameplay.

Chez Llama remodelled (sort of)

So far so good, it’s all good and green. In the end I couldn’t bring myself to over colour everything. I wanted to keep the overall feel of the place, just tweak the textures a little to make the colours a bit richer.

I added a couple of closets but forgot all about them until ‘Uncle’ Dave had finished his meal. Next time I play I’ll make good use of them as almost all the townies wear hats (shouldn’t indoors), and I always forget to set a wardrobe for the household Sims I play.
Service is a bit slow, but that’s because there’s only one chef. It makes the experience more realistic because a high end restaurant will take longer to bring food to the table than a freezer to fryer kind of place – it does mean there’s a lot of moving around though. In fact the Sim was still moving around after his meal was served. It’s painful to watch them carry their plates to the bar to eat, but that could be because he was eating alone and he’s got social traits.
I love the table cloths they sit on the decor slot and hide the hideous base, you can add clutter too but you need to use MOO to place decor on top of decor. Thankfully it doesn’t cover all of the table because you need to click on the table base to get the table interactions. One thing I do need to change is the drinks menu, for some reason they’ve omitted espresso and all the coffee is served in mugs!
In general it all works well, even after I messed about with the building. The only negative is that single Sims can’t order a whole cake! ‘Uncle’ can quite easily eat an entire SimCity cheesecake all by himself, but no matter how many times I tried to bring out the cake – it wasn’t happening. Shortly after that screenshot ‘Uncle’ collapsed in an exhausted heap, my fault because he’d been eating for almost 24 hours! So I cheated his needs and let him go home happy.

So happy in fact he pulled out a violin and started practicing in the middle of the night, much to his children’s horror. Although that boy must have very sensitive ears it didn’t sound as bad as usual.

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