Willow Creek retirement home

Where do all the old people go in your world? The culling thing isn’t really happening in my game and a lot of the houses always seem to have one elderly occupant. I really want those houses to be available for young families  although there’s no problem filling the cheap, starter homes, the game does that much. Cheats are needed for the larger properties.

I had an idea to free up some real estate by creating a rest home for the town’s elderly population. The huge ‘Oakenstead’ lot seemed like a good enough place to start, it’s a really nice southern style mansion in the most exclusive Sage Estates part of town. Surrounded by parkland and ponds, the front porch give it a timeless ambience, although in ‘real’ life not one of the residents will choose to sit out there and enjoy relaxing in the setting sun because the great big TV is more appealing.
Of course I didn’t know that when I started (should have done by now!) I took a single female Sim from the family bin, modified her traits to make her happy & caring. Gave her a teenage son (who isn’t!) and then gave him lazy, playful traits – needless to say I really like him, he’s hot-headed and brattish yet also really charming too. The old folks love him 🙂 Then in edit Town I fixed up the old mansion and used freerealestate to move them in.
I moved the first resident in the old fashioned way, the manager visited him at his home and persuaded him to live with them. (I added others using household management). Next I aged up the teenage son because it works better with him ambling around rather than rushing away to school everyday.
In the early days the visiting massage therapist worked well but recently it’s more miss than hit, and far too frustrating. The residents can call a therapist who arrives soon after, the chairs are OK but sometimes the actions are cancelled and I have to click on the chair a couple of times to get it working. The therapist and the bed is another matter, that’s just not working he goes and stands waiting while the poor old dear keeps having their action cancelled. I gave up when the therapist started teleporting up the stairs. No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t get it to work . I’ve no idea why because there are no mods that would cause a conflict, and it works perfectly if one of the ‘staff’ offers a massage.
All the bedrooms are locked for that resident and the manager. They all have comfy beds, a TV and a book case. But it’s unusual for the Sims to choose the bedroom TV rather than the huge one in the lounge, and I’ve yet to see any of them pick a book up. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms for privacy.

I had to expand the toilet facilities on the ground floor as the number of residents grew because they were constantly walking in on each other – causing constant grief!
The updated Male Urinal by Menaceman44 @ MTS is awesome because it has no privacy limitations and doesn’t break or need cleaning. It also seems to have removed their ability to wash their hands, which is a bit alarming – and realistic!

Serving food was more frustrating than even the troublesome massage therapist, because I couldn’t get the retail displays to work. I figured out that the heated display will only work with baked goods – although they can store some cooked meals the Sims reset when you tell them to take a portion of roast chicken (for instance) – there’s no issues with bagels and pies! And the chiller works with harvestables, ice cream too but only after it’s served as individual portions – which is a bit a faff, but worth doing.


The buffet table works well though, it’s easy enough to drag plates from the kitchen for breakfast and fill it for dinner. Sadly though the bar is more attractive than the tray of iced tea. I can get the Sims to take a class of tea or lemonade, but they’re more likely to go to the bar autonomously.

*edit Nov/16 The buffet table is not working 100% anymore, you can still click on it and serve food as intended. But dragging served food from the kitchen isn’t working anymore, the food rebounds back to the counter!

It was around the same time of noticing one of the elderly residents still had a day job, that I realised playing the household with aging turned off made it all a bit of a waste of time! Luckily though I had a plan B in place.

I’d already put a small church in Willow Creek as a park. All I needed to do was pull a father (?) and son from the bin to live there and then leave them alone! That way the household should age naturally and any elderly Sims that I send there will die a natural death.

I had to make some changes for it to work as a residence, and that’s easy too as long as you remember to do all the building work from the map screen because I think doing it that way doesn’t count as a played household and therefore aging shouldn’t be affected – only time will tell.

Sadly the day beds had to go. As cool as they are, the separated mattresses act as a bed so Sims will sit on either side which looks really odd. I also put a dormitory down stairs with bathrooms and cluttered up the small office to make it looked lived in.
And then something cool happened. The care home manager was visiting the father and son that lived at the church. I quite liked the look of the teenage son, his story seemed very much like the managers son. So I had him visit too, I thought that they wouldn’t get on and that the two young Sims would argue but the opposite happened, and thanks to the teen romance mod there’s another cool relationship blossoming.
They’re like twins – only one is older and the other cute with puppy fat 🙂 I really wanted to get their relationship up to best friends, because I thought as the two households would be working together they could become allies for each other. So I sent them both to the gym! neither showed much interest in the other, even though they were supposed to be working out together.

Back home I had the older Sim send a happy text to the teen, who replied asking him to go on a date in the park. They hung out for a while, then I noticed some flirting and the ‘have first kiss’ option seemed too good to miss.
They actually went around the back of the building to kiss!
Then back to the nursing home where one of the elderly residents caught them ‘fooling around’ in a spare bedroom I’d unlocked.

Earlier on in the summer I had been moaning because the game bored me! I think I’m getting it now, all the tools are there, the Sims look great – all you have to do is dream up a storyline and watch it play out – It doesn’t have to be boring.

Curses, foiled again!

Thanks to this stumbling, fumbling game it all went pear-shaped. I was playing a different household when the teenage kid that lived in the church went jogging past – nothing unusual about that – the fact that I could see straight through the part of him above the knees and below his belly button was very alarming though. Literally nothing there like he was turning invisible man.

So I quickly paused the game ran the cheats and did a CAS edit. It looked to me as though there was a problem with CC, but when I checked his athletic outfit it was all base game although for some reason they weren’t showing up. So I swapped them for some other shorts and went back to the game, big relief to see everything was good. Then I noticed that while he was in CAS the game had swapped households and he was the playable character. Still not a huge problem, I had been avoiding playing their household as I wanted him to age naturally – the really BIG problem was that I had already started moving cantankerous old people into the church, and now they too would stop aging too. Doh! (and loads of other expletives!) There was only one thing to do, evict everyone and install a new caretaker into the church, then move the old folks back. That should kill off (I mean provide a warm, caring space to spend their final days) all the oldies. Who knows what has become of the cute kid and his father now they’re homeless 😦

One thought on “Willow Creek retirement home

  1. You can ignore all that silliness about not playing a household because it stops them aging naturally. Go to manage households and click on the plumbob to change the household from played to unplayed. If I had have figured that out sooner… 😦


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