island idyll, relaxing at their second home

A while back I had the idea that my Simself household should take some time out. They are both retired now, and with only one child at home why not. So I decided to set them up with a big, beautiful house on the island. They could leave the housekeeper and her brood in their old family house, and they would move in with whoever was going to be the housekeeper in the beach house. It’s so simple 🙂

First thing I did was download Greek Dream by Thurid666 I did mess it about a bit, but I’ve put it down next to another of her Greek style houses and they look great together.

Then I found a single Sim in the household bin and moved him in using the freerealestate cheat. Previously I’d given the Simself family a sexy female housekeeper, but Gianni never even gave her a second glance – which kind of spoilt my fun – but at least it shows he’s decent! Mrs Simself is something else altogether, that Sim would flirt with her own shadow if it was possible, so a hunky male housekeeper should liven things up a bit.
I’ve forgotten his name already! I played him intensely as I tried to skill him up quickly. Then swapped back to the Simself’s, (the screenshot below shows how long ago it was because my all time favourite mod was still working) I had Gianni draw out a load of credit cards before visiting the beach house. Then while the housekeeper was struggling to cook a perfect salad! Gianni blazed around the house upgrading every appliance and planting a garden.
Back to the beach house once more to continue working on the housekeepers skills. And then I forgot all about it while I was playing a different household and another story line, until EA announced the City Living EP. Immediately I started planning how they could have a penthouse with staff, because somewhere in the world already there are super-cute triplets (male) that would be available to live in and pander to their every whim… and then I remembered the beach house 🙂 So in the meanwhile they’ve moved in.

With only a day or two left before the next EP is released, and presumably another game breaking update. Now seems as good a time as any to showcase my two newest fave mods. One of them is undoubtedly going to get broken! The other is just perfect.

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