This makes me mad!


Oh $#!%!

What the F#@K! is going on here EA? I mean really it makes me so angry seeing pregnant male Sims, it’s so wrong on every level. It’s made worse by the fact that we can tune their sexuality and choose whether a male Sim can get pregnant, as well as other toilet options! But not in my game, I am never going to change those default settings because it’s WRONG!

So other than the completely bloody obvious grievance, there are other issues. One good, one not so…

First of all the scientist returned home from work hungry and tired, he ate and went to bed. Then he was woken by aliens and I found him outside on his way to investigate the strange light. For the first time since I started play TS4 I was able to cancel that action and redirect him elsewhere. Which is good, because he still got the ‘Wow aliens are cool’ buff.

The next day he’s abducted from inside his own house! That’s wrong, can you hear me EA WRONG!! That should never happen. If a foolish Sim wants to go and investigate strange lights in the night sky, and they do get abducted then it’s their own misadventure! I am sure most players look forward to the abductions, and maybe I am just too prudish about the male pregnancy. But I doubt that any player is pleased by the fact they can be abducted inside their property.

Anyway, the baby was born and promptly sent back to his homeworld. And I’ve installed a satellite dish on the front lawn  to prevent any further abductions.

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