Happy New Year?

Today I just want to post a quick thank you to the developers and CC makers for all the good stuff they provide.

The story so far

My SimSelf family moved into the penthouse apartment in the business district. Overall I like the look and feel of the new locations but, I am not 100% happy either. The apartments are odd sizes and they’re full of ugly base game furnishings. There are too many karaoke bars and household Sims leave a dark shadow when they exit via the lift (it looks odd but I guess it’s a minor rabbit hole type glitch). It seems petty to complain so I won’t! Let’s keep this positive 🙂 San Myshuno and the different festivals are good fun and as I am still developing and making changes to Granite Falls then it’s probably safe to say there’s plenty to keep me occupied.
The SimSelf’s hired a butler but, I am not so sure about them either. They’re a huge improvement on TS3 butlers, but I think probably I’ll go back to my original plan and have one or two of the triplets move in instead, I think it will keep the storyline livelier. Gianni rejoined the investment career, and Mrs Simself dove into politics. I think that career’s got legs and it’s great fun watching her protest and try to win supporters.

I really like the furnishings that came with the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, the vanity table and beautiful fireplace make it worthwhile, but that’s just my opinion and I play an odd game! Other good stuff came with the Christmas update, I especially like the holiday crackers with collectible plushies – I love for my spoilt Sim kids to collect stuff.



The triplets (I’ve forgotten their names) mother (ditto!) met a handsome Indian man in San Myshuno, and after a whirlwind courtship she gave birth to another son.

Ye Olde Shoppe of horrors

Malcolm Landgraab and Clarke Spencer have opened a business in Windenburg. Although to be fair to Clarke he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

I had an idea that there should be somewhere that the Sims could buy slimming/healing potions. But I didn’t want Clarke (or his household) to run it. Malcolm was the perfect candidate because he was already on the criminal career path, and the store would be ideal to fence the stuff he steals. Clarke made him a cloning machine and a couple of stun guns – but he didn’t know why! – and he’s no idea why Malcolm visits him at home every evening, especially since he keeps misplacing (losing) potions he’s created.


Then I had another idea 🙂 The Freedom Ranch has never been more popular since the patrons found it was easy to pay with bullion. And certain affluent Sims have piles of gold literally littering their homes. So it seemed an ideal opportunity for Malcolm to grab a slice of the bullion market too. There’s a cloning machine in the basement already all he needed to do was visit his rich neighbours and help himself to their stacks of cash but, it wouldn’t work 😦 He could easily steal the decor gold bars but the modded gold and money bags can’t be stolen. Which was a bit sad, but I got around it by having Herbert Sim leave some in his shop anyway (as you do!). But, then I discovered they won’t work on the cloning machine either 😦 unperturbed (cos it’s a fun idea!) I built a bullion room in the basement anyway. And because Malcolm only sells the stuff he’s stolen, so doesn’t have to pay to restock, it means he makes enough profit to put into legitimately buying gold bars – which he then sells on for a tidy profit.

All of which means that any Sim can now shop for gold bars and will therefore be able to ‘spend’ them at the freedom ranch 🙂

Cash injection fuels growth

So probably the Windenburgh residents uttered “there goes the neighbourhood” when they realised a known criminal had opened a store selling stolen goods right under their noses… yet no one so much as batted an eyelid when a knocking shop opened in Newcrest. And it’s gone from strength to strength, with patrons dropping gold bars left, right and centre the household has been able to spend, spend, spend! Expanding and enhancing their little enterprise with bar games in the dungeon, refurbished bedrooms, sauna and massage tables all to make their patrons visit more pleasurable.
I am surprised by how few screenshots I’ve got for December, I used to believe that not saving screenshots meant the game was stale and that nothing good was happening. It couldn’t be further from the truth, because now there’s so much going on and I am so wrapped up in the game I forget to record the good stuff. Although…

The best of the good stuff

Is actually old enough to have been in the game almost since the beginning, in this little world of altered reality that exists only on my PC’s hard drive, the most important aspect is keeping each little Sim unique. And that means big disappointment when those (male) Sims strip down to their skivvies and they’re all wearing the same pants 😦

Sims come in all shapes and sizes, they’ve got more hairstyles than ever, and even their fashion choices are enough to ensure that they’re not all going to the party in the same clothes (unless you want them to). So for me it’s such a let down, and the best thing the devs could do for players in 2017 is give (sell?) us more clothing options.

There’s plenty of male sleepwear CC available, but most of it isn’t much good. These drawers by Katai @ MTS when combined with the modified speedo mesh from Sheik’s Simblr stand out 🙂

note: the mesh does mess up in CAS  but there’s no problems in the game.

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