Evolve All

I noticed this a while back, and I feel bad for not publicly thanking the team already. It goes without saying I am 100% happy with the toddler update, they add so much to the game, it’s a joy to play again.

Of course they came with some bugs though, the two that affect the most are that Sims won’t sit to watch TV, and have lost the ability to swim! But, they will be fixed soon, I am sure of that because they’re part of the game. And there’s still the issue with the executive desk chair not working with any of the desks, although no-one seems in a hurry to fix that glitch. There’s probably other bugs upsetting other players too, but they’re the ones that I notice the most, and they’re almost insignificant when I see Sims gardening without a load of prompts.

The dev team slipped it in without any fanfare or drum roll, perhaps they’re worried that something is going to break it down the line. Who knows, all I care about is it works perfectly (for me anyway) now and I want to shout my thanks to all those concerned. THANK YOU 🙂

(if you haven’t noticed already) set a Sim to evolve a plant and they will autonomously evolve MOST of the other plants waiting for evolution. It might depend on the number of plants waiting to evolve, or most likely other Sims breaking their attention by wanting to interact, so they may only evolve two plants at a time. But, it’s OK (better than it was), and if you place a whole load of seeds in the planters and tell the Sim to plant the Sim will plant them ALL – it’s a joy to behold 🙂

Currently I am lost in the mists of Forgotten Hollow, and my personal favourite Count Vladislaus Straud in his dark form rocks like Stephen King’s Kurt Barlow. And I am loving it!

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