An apology

To those that read the two bizarre and misleading posts about moving/splitting (or failing!) to move household members. (edit: I deleted them) And why did no one tell me how stupid I was…

First of all, it’s not impossible to split households. In my case I wanted a young adult Sim to move out of the family home and start his own family, in the two previous posts I outlined several massive fail scenarios – very embarrassing!

In reality it’s very, very simple, all you need to do is select the Sim you want to move and choose the ‘Create new household’ button. I can’t believe I screwed it up so badly, and then promoted my ineptitude! Luckily no one reads this blog, and I may be able to cover my tracks with some clever editing!

Secondly and probably most importantly, if there’s anything that puzzles or that you’re uncertain about go here first >>> I have book marked the Amazon affiliate link as I am buying from Amazon all the time – I am not sure how it works, whether or not the author earns from my purchases as I am transferred to the UK when I log in, but I spend a lot on Amazon and hopefully it’s trickling down to the site owner. If you don’t want to do that though, and you’ve found the guides helpful – I’ve used the resource for years, though apparently haven’t learnt much – that’s down to my stupidity! Make a donation, because resources like that (when used properly) – that is when they’ve been read and understood, will save you a lot of frustration (I know this much) and it would be a shame to lose them.

And thirdly, I apologise to all the game developers at Maxis/EA. What can I say? I am just so dumb sometimes 😦

The system is not flawed, and although I needlessly complicated things it is easy to use. I promise never to jump into a rambling, rant ever again! I probably can’t guarantee that, but I will promise to research the problem first… and try to follow recommendations.

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