I am taking a break

…to play the game. It seems that a lot of the frustrating bugs & glitches are either too bogged down in the game, and therefore too much hassle, or just not important enough to fix. And it occurred to me that the only way to be taken seriously when complaining about these bugs & glitches is to play a completely vanilla game. That probably means starting a new save every time an update fix is released – although I am probably not going to go that far because that’s an unfair expectation.

So I’ve archived my legacy game because of the CC and I’ve moved a saved vanilla testing game back to the EA folder. I opened the save with a Sim that lives in San Myshuno, he was hungry so I sent him out for breakfast at one of the stalls, seeing him content and eating his snack whilst chatting with his neighbours I decided to close the game and come back to it later. But I couldn’t do that because a vampire was breaking in – it was 7.32 am!!

That really sums it up for me, I love this game, it’s been a pleasant distraction in my life for 17 years, I am going to be 50 next week and that makes me way older than the target audience, probably older than the developers. And much more likely to get irritated when things go wrong – it’s my age and I can’t do anything about that! My family call me the grumpy old man, depending on who you ask they’re probably going to say I always have been! The one thing that really, really, really irritates me (and that’s a lot of irritation) is the glib way the devs handle ‘fix updates’ even if the number of TS4 players that have been with the franchise since 2000 is less than the number of youngsters coming to the game this year, the devs should still remember that those players are going to be ‘mature’ and would appreciate a more honest, apologetic response. A personal example would be when Jaguar/Landrover wrote to me a couple of years ago to say my car needed to be recalled to replace a faulty module in the ECU, they apologised profusely and dealt with my car quickly. Even though I tried to tell them that the problem didn’t affect my car they still did the work, made the changes and even valeted the crud off the car while it was in their workshop!

That is the standard of customer service we expect when we reach an age where money has a value, and when purchases no matter how impulsive or frivolous are still thought over. I wonder if any of the trendy, young hipsters at The Sims Studio will ever feel it’s appropriate to apologise, say something like “we’re sorry but when we were developing this, that or the other, we forgot to adjust the tuning on something else, that’s why you’re seeing the glitch in the game. We’re happy to say we’ve fixed it now and we apologise for being so clumsy, blah, blah…” Anything other than the glib quasi comedic drivel that they post now. Because we’re consumers, we’ve invested hard earned money into this game, and they’re not doing us any favours issuing these updates – it’s an obligation!

Done with the rant now, I am going to play their game their way – no mods, no CC and I’ll happily continue to road test and help debug other players games. Happy Simming 🙂

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