The Vampire Challenge

Is a bit of a side story that I dreamt up when raising toddlers was getting too much (first part is here). I had an idea to put a households of vampire slayers into one of the towns, Slipshod Mesquite in Bedrock Strait caught my eye because I liked the idea of  an underground warren beneath the old trailer. But it was a clumsy build and watching the Sims moving around the lot showed it up even more. But I liked the household, and I liked the story potential so I figured I needed to have another go at it.
08-06-17_12-52-32 PM
This time I thought about what I wanted to do, I think in real life that would be the planning stage – an unusual concept, but one that I’ve found makes life a lot less frustrating!

So, at the drawing board, I thought the underground living and work area needs to look planned, whereas before I had tagged on different rooms when needed and it just wasn’t working. I am a bit (LOT!) of a perfectionist in real life too, but it really gets in the way of playing the game when I don’t like the environment the Sims are in. (more about that in the next post) And even though I wanted to keep the ugly, old trailer on the lot – I have a weird kind of respect for the game developers, and don’t like making huge changes to the map – even so, the trailer was trash! And it had to go.
08-06-17_12-53-04 PM
08-06-17_12-39-17 PM
08-06-17_12-39-37 PM
08-06-17_12-40-51 PM
08-06-17_12-50-10 PM
I am not a huge fan of MOO, but it’s useful for landscaping and decor items, putting clumps of grass and wildflowers around the seating is doable (even without MOO) you just have to avoid blocking the front of the useable objects.

Another thing that had to go was Melvin’s girlfriend Ananya 😦 she was more into the science stuff anyway, and never really got into the slaying thing, so she has moved to Willow Creek to live with Clarke Spencer and his scientist mates. I did put the big, mystical-looking tree that leads to the Sylvan Glade hidden area down as somewhere they could go for ‘private’ time. I think as long as he’s got a tent he should be able to travel there with Ananya (hopefully!)
08-06-17_12-56-13 PM
08-06-17_12-57-13 PM
Military cots, plastic garden furniture, big noisy generator and I love the breezeblock walls with my favourite scuffed lino. I really like this lot now, and even though it covers more area than previously it seems to be easier for them to get around. There’s only the two male Sims there now, but I think I’ll find them another female companion – only this time make her a bit tougher. And of course remove any ‘Active Traits’ because the basketball hoop is still driving me mad!
Interstellar Smuggler Outfit unlocked by Snaitf @ MTS

There is a CC free version available on the gallery. Hope it works for you, let me know if there are problems – don’t forget to place using MOO, enjoy 🙂

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