CIM’s or Sims

How is he happy?

12-14-17_6-47-49 PM
Why is this issue still happening?

I started writing this post in December because of that stoopid bug, but I never published because I stopped playing and returned to Cities Skylines.

PC gaming started for me with SimCity all those years ago, I was so into the city building thing. When the Sims came along it was almost like zooming into the city map and picking out individual Sims to follow and observe. Sims 2 and 3 took the city building aspect further and gave me generations of families to grow. I don’t remember much of TS2 but I was addicted to TS3 even though it was blighted by performance issues – although I think a lot of those issues were brought about by customisable the game had become and by how much CC was installed, and there was a lot of really good stuff available that brought so much to the game – and of course like a double headed snake, the game reached a point where it needed mods to run smooth. So it had run its course, too much CC slowed the game down and yet without mods it was a stuttering mess.

TS4 then loomed large, and it promised to end performance issues and give us a glorious Sim world populated with beautiful little Sims that would be more individual and more autonomous than ever before. And they are…

The Sims are cool, the environments they live in are cool, even the little neighbourhoods they live in are quite cool, it’s just too much like playing dolls than city managing for me. I haven’t installed World Adventures (or whatever the EP is called) it’s waiting for me along with a bunch of updates, because I just can’t get excited enough to take a sim dolly on a trip to the jungle. I could get excited about the hedgehogs and guinea pig disease so maybe I’ll think about updating this weekend.

Or maybe not! Paradox has just released Surviving Mars and it is instantly addictive, it’s only been out for a day or two but already I am an anxious mess, constantly worrying about the welfare of my fledgling colony. And on top of that there’s always stuff needs doing in Springfield. Cities Skylines is city building that SimCity promised but couldn’t deliver, it came about from the early success of Cities in Motion and I think it also owes a great deal of its success to the failure of SimCity, it’s taken me full circle anyway!

I’ve got to check in on the martians, I’ve been away for too long already! So I guess Dag Dag for now anyway.

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