Seems like something to get excited about

Coming soon, ‘Parenting Skills!’ Oh my, parents everywhere are all probably sighing in unison – “if only it was that simple!” – Anyhoo, I’ve been away for a while and I did start earnestly enough with my plan to publish a glitch blog. But, it’s too much hard work!

The problem for me was that a lot of the glitches I’ve come across happen in long established games, and that takes time. And starting new saves to demonstrate those bugs is just too much effort for an oldie like me. So of course I’ve been moving folders around and dipping in and out of my legacy save – just for the sake of sanity!

That’s when I noticed this

05-21-17_11-56-34 AM

The weird swirly skin overlay has been upgraded to a high definition skin condition that looks both irritating and gross. I love it! Seeing a miserable Sim covered in pustules shouldn’t make anybody happy! but it’s extraordinary details like that, that gives the game depth. I think we’re due a patch tomorrow and the Parenthood GP next week, so again I am excited to see what’s coming.

I am taking a break

…to play the game. It seems that a lot of the frustrating bugs & glitches are either too bogged down in the game, and therefore too much hassle, or just not important enough to fix. And it occurred to me that the only way to be taken seriously when complaining about these bugs & glitches is to play a completely vanilla game. That probably means starting a new save every time an update fix is released – although I am probably not going to go that far because that’s an unfair expectation.

So I’ve archived my legacy game because of the CC and I’ve moved a saved vanilla testing game back to the EA folder. I opened the save with a Sim that lives in San Myshuno, he was hungry so I sent him out for breakfast at one of the stalls, seeing him content and eating his snack whilst chatting with his neighbours I decided to close the game and come back to it later. But I couldn’t do that because a vampire was breaking in – it was 7.32 am!!

That really sums it up for me, I love this game, it’s been a pleasant distraction in my life for 17 years, I am going to be 50 next week and that makes me way older than the target audience, probably older than the developers. And much more likely to get irritated when things go wrong – it’s my age and I can’t do anything about that! My family call me the grumpy old man, depending on who you ask they’re probably going to say I always have been! The one thing that really, really, really irritates me (and that’s a lot of irritation) is the glib way the devs handle ‘fix updates’ even if the number of TS4 players that have been with the franchise since 2000 is less than the number of youngsters coming to the game this year, the devs should still remember that those players are going to be ‘mature’ and would appreciate a more honest, apologetic response. A personal example would be when Jaguar/Landrover wrote to me a couple of years ago to say my car needed to be recalled to replace a faulty module in the ECU, they apologised profusely and dealt with my car quickly. Even though I tried to tell them that the problem didn’t affect my car they still did the work, made the changes and even valeted the crud off the car while it was in their workshop!

That is the standard of customer service we expect when we reach an age where money has a value, and when purchases no matter how impulsive or frivolous are still thought over. I wonder if any of the trendy, young hipsters at The Sims Studio will ever feel it’s appropriate to apologise, say something like “we’re sorry but when we were developing this, that or the other, we forgot to adjust the tuning on something else, that’s why you’re seeing the glitch in the game. We’re happy to say we’ve fixed it now and we apologise for being so clumsy, blah, blah…” Anything other than the glib quasi comedic drivel that they post now. Because we’re consumers, we’ve invested hard earned money into this game, and they’re not doing us any favours issuing these updates – it’s an obligation!

Done with the rant now, I am going to play their game their way – no mods, no CC and I’ll happily continue to road test and help debug other players games. Happy Simming 🙂

The Goths are back

In all the years I’ve been playing Sims I’ve never had any interest in the Goths. I can’t even give a logical reason – I just didn’t like the look of them! And their house in TS4 is a bit lame. Although I do remember Gianni Simself having a bit of a fling with Bella, but she got old and died – and then so did the rest of the household.

Recently I’ve started tidying up the map, there is a lot of big empty house that need demolishing/rebuilding (or money cheats) because they’re too expensive for new households. As I don’t enjoy building houses from the ground up, my skills aren’t really good enough and I get frustrated easily! I prefer remodelling what’s there already – most of the time! – Ophelia Villa was a different matter altogether, I just couldn’t fix it up for another family.

So I had an idea to just reinstall the Goths, and leave them to it as I’d done previously. But then I also had an idea to introduce a vampire hunter into the town. My plan was to have a Goth descendant study vampire lore until eventually he would be able to start ‘fixing’ them.

I want a vampire hunter because I really want to play the vampires I have in the game already, I need for them to start turning hapless townies into creatures of the night – but before I start with that I really want an opposing force that can make ongoing repairs and keep a good balance.

So with all that in mind, I really did want to like TS4 Goths, and I do! They’re cool, but I think I am going to leave them as they are. Probably I’ll have Mortimer hunt vampires, and Bella doesn’t work anymore either – she’s a lady of leisure now – possibly she’s a resting (out of work) actress. I’ve put horror film posters around her dressing room, so I think she’s a B-Movie queen. Cassandra is awesome because she’s so gloomy! And little Alex wakes up screaming every morning because his bedroom is in a crypt! He’s never going to do well fighting blood suckers – Though he could be a Xander for Cassie’s Buffy…

Anyway, all of that is dependent on them having the right house to live in. I found Oxford Vampire House by ConceptDesign97 and I love it 🙂 But, the builder has used MOO a lot! There are route blocking vines everywhere! And it took quite a bit of fixing up to create living spaces for the family. But, it looks amazing and hats off to the original builder, it’s a creative gem.

Better still, Cassandra has taken a shine to a geeky kid that lives across the street, and that’s loads of fun 🙂

Fixing up the old town

Yesterday morning I woke with a bee in my bonnet! Not unusual in the slightest, and probably due to a fast approaching spring.

The sun was shining and the gales had blown away, so I wandered around the garden looking for something easy to fix. Eventually after a mug of coffee and a long conversation with a tame pheasant, I decided to remove a concrete step that was jutting out from the edge of the lawn. My house is over 200 years old and I think that step has been there for all those years. It took me a good half hour of hitting it with a sledge hammer before it was crumbled enough to shovel it away. Now when I cut the grass I won’t have to worry about wrecking the blades when I drive over the edge, so all in all “A good job well done!” – there’s a big hole to fill in, and it’s going to need reseeding before there’s any grass to cut – but that’s by the by, I’ve done what needed to be done. I am happy 🙂

And that lead me to think about Simsville, and how easy their lives are. Planning a refurbishment? Or contemplating some groundwork? It’s as simple as a couple of mouse clicks to completely remodel your house and fix up a boring yard.

Now I’ve never been much of a Sims builder, but I did study interior design, I did even consider it as a career – the only thing that stopped me was that I know I’d be rubbish at listening to what other people (paying customers) really want. I have tried over the years to offer guidance when asked, but I lock up when people say stuff like, “oh I don’t know…” or “that’s not quite what I was thinking…” But in Simsville, I am in charge! I’ve got no one telling me how it should be done, and bless them all they’re so perpetually happy – there really is no effort.
It started with the vampire update, although I regularly spend time trawling through household management – making partners, kids, adding a next generation for elderly townies etc – keeping the continuity in check. But it was the garlic plant introduced with the vampire pack, and a need for all the households to have access to the plant. That and enabling them to learn the skills needed to craft the decorations so preventing vampires from obliterating their townships, that inspired me to change up the town venues.

It just didn’t seem very realistic that every house had fully stocked gardens, I know that a lot of the Sim characters have no interest in gardening – some of them have never even cooked a family meal, they get by with an occasional BBQ and the neighbourhood is full of places to eat. So I decided that each town should have a community garden, where they can grow and collect produce freely. Except for San Myshuno because they’ve already got the produce stalls.

In Oasis Springs I’ve used the roof of the science museum/library which works really well because it’s an ideal venue for space plants and obscure grafted plants. But I wanted to do something different in Willow Creek, it’s an older town and I really wanted to build a community garden. There’s a small National (cruising!) park that has the ranger station which is good too.

GGOYAM-BANGSAIN-004 fits the bill. It’s perfect, I changed it from residential to a cafe, put a load of planters in so the Sims could plant their own. A playroom and plenty of toddler pottys and high chairs. It’s a joy to have somewhere for the Sims to socialise, hang out with the kids and grow/harvest the produce that they need.

That lead me into fixing up all the community lots in all of the worlds! I haven’t finished yet 🙂 Here’s some from Willow Creek.



There’s a whole other story due soon, after seeing the Pancakes’ toddler I’ve reintroduced some familiar faces…

A worthwhile community lot

The space travel/internet cafe.
There’s a cafe at street level with comfy sofas and gaming pc’s. An observatory and two giant rockets. You need MOO to place the gate on the fence – they still work though.

And in the basement, there is a bullion store – it’s all swipeable! – an infirmary, though that’s only for show! A space travel portal, dormitory, bathroom, gym and massage facilities.

I’ve also had one of the scientists build and upgrade the rockets so they’re safer for even the most novice space tourist to use.

Happy New Year?

Today I just want to post a quick thank you to the developers and CC makers for all the good stuff they provide.

The story so far

My SimSelf family moved into the penthouse apartment in the business district. Overall I like the look and feel of the new locations but, I am not 100% happy either. The apartments are odd sizes and they’re full of ugly base game furnishings. There are too many karaoke bars and household Sims leave a dark shadow when they exit via the lift (it looks odd but I guess it’s a minor rabbit hole type glitch). It seems petty to complain so I won’t! Let’s keep this positive 🙂 San Myshuno and the different festivals are good fun and as I am still developing and making changes to Granite Falls then it’s probably safe to say there’s plenty to keep me occupied.
The SimSelf’s hired a butler but, I am not so sure about them either. They’re a huge improvement on TS3 butlers, but I think probably I’ll go back to my original plan and have one or two of the triplets move in instead, I think it will keep the storyline livelier. Gianni rejoined the investment career, and Mrs Simself dove into politics. I think that career’s got legs and it’s great fun watching her protest and try to win supporters.

I really like the furnishings that came with the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack, the vanity table and beautiful fireplace make it worthwhile, but that’s just my opinion and I play an odd game! Other good stuff came with the Christmas update, I especially like the holiday crackers with collectible plushies – I love for my spoilt Sim kids to collect stuff.



The triplets (I’ve forgotten their names) mother (ditto!) met a handsome Indian man in San Myshuno, and after a whirlwind courtship she gave birth to another son.

Ye Olde Shoppe of horrors

Malcolm Landgraab and Clarke Spencer have opened a business in Windenburg. Although to be fair to Clarke he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

I had an idea that there should be somewhere that the Sims could buy slimming/healing potions. But I didn’t want Clarke (or his household) to run it. Malcolm was the perfect candidate because he was already on the criminal career path, and the store would be ideal to fence the stuff he steals. Clarke made him a cloning machine and a couple of stun guns – but he didn’t know why! – and he’s no idea why Malcolm visits him at home every evening, especially since he keeps misplacing (losing) potions he’s created.


Then I had another idea 🙂 The Freedom Ranch has never been more popular since the patrons found it was easy to pay with bullion. And certain affluent Sims have piles of gold literally littering their homes. So it seemed an ideal opportunity for Malcolm to grab a slice of the bullion market too. There’s a cloning machine in the basement already all he needed to do was visit his rich neighbours and help himself to their stacks of cash but, it wouldn’t work 😦 He could easily steal the decor gold bars but the modded gold and money bags can’t be stolen. Which was a bit sad, but I got around it by having Herbert Sim leave some in his shop anyway (as you do!). But, then I discovered they won’t work on the cloning machine either 😦 unperturbed (cos it’s a fun idea!) I built a bullion room in the basement anyway. And because Malcolm only sells the stuff he’s stolen, so doesn’t have to pay to restock, it means he makes enough profit to put into legitimately buying gold bars – which he then sells on for a tidy profit.

All of which means that any Sim can now shop for gold bars and will therefore be able to ‘spend’ them at the freedom ranch 🙂

Cash injection fuels growth

So probably the Windenburgh residents uttered “there goes the neighbourhood” when they realised a known criminal had opened a store selling stolen goods right under their noses… yet no one so much as batted an eyelid when a knocking shop opened in Newcrest. And it’s gone from strength to strength, with patrons dropping gold bars left, right and centre the household has been able to spend, spend, spend! Expanding and enhancing their little enterprise with bar games in the dungeon, refurbished bedrooms, sauna and massage tables all to make their patrons visit more pleasurable.
I am surprised by how few screenshots I’ve got for December, I used to believe that not saving screenshots meant the game was stale and that nothing good was happening. It couldn’t be further from the truth, because now there’s so much going on and I am so wrapped up in the game I forget to record the good stuff. Although…

The best of the good stuff

Is actually old enough to have been in the game almost since the beginning, in this little world of altered reality that exists only on my PC’s hard drive, the most important aspect is keeping each little Sim unique. And that means big disappointment when those (male) Sims strip down to their skivvies and they’re all wearing the same pants 😦

Sims come in all shapes and sizes, they’ve got more hairstyles than ever, and even their fashion choices are enough to ensure that they’re not all going to the party in the same clothes (unless you want them to). So for me it’s such a let down, and the best thing the devs could do for players in 2017 is give (sell?) us more clothing options.

There’s plenty of male sleepwear CC available, but most of it isn’t much good. These drawers by Katai @ MTS when combined with the modified speedo mesh from Sheik’s Simblr stand out 🙂

note: the mesh does mess up in CAS  but there’s no problems in the game.

Here’s Herbert

Herbert Of Liverpool
RIP Herbert Howe 1944 – 2016

A long, long time ago in a tiny, cluttered office above a trendy salon in Liverpool, I met a man who changed my life. I was working in his office as part of a YTS training scheme – now that shows how long ago it was! There was an attempt to revamp traditional apprenticeships in the early 80’s and they were rebranded as ‘Youth Training Schemes’. Mine was in office work, and the scheme run by Herbert Of Liverpool gave kids a chance to work in hairdressing, fashion, beauty, retail, he even offered workshops where kids could learn about computers and IT – Outstanding at the time, because even in his up-to-date world we were still using electric typewriters in the office. His Aunty Christine was the bookkeeper and office manager and that poor woman went home most days with a migraine brought on by my constant need for Tipp-Ex!

Anyway, this one Monday, I was making coffees out in the corridor and suddenly the air was filled with the most delicious fragrance. I could still hear the rumble of traffic and the street noises outside, but it all seemed so distant for a brief moment when he brushed past me in that tiny alcove. “Hello, who are you?” he said, and I told him my name and what I was doing. And he paused, you have to believe that even a millisecond in his gaze felt like hours. In that moment he saw right into me, completely from head to toe, inside and out he’d measured me up – NOT in a creepy way – he wasn’t that kind of man. He broke the gaze with a blinding smile, “you’re too good for this type of work, come and work with me and I’ll show you the world” he said as he opened the office door then disappeared inside.

I probably did one of those cartoon head shakes, I know I was faffing about for a while finishing up the drinks because Christine said hers was too cold to drink by the time I got it done. Herbert was in the office for about an hour, moving quickly from one pile of folders to another. VAT, PAYE, rent payments etc, he swept through them like a whirlwind until all the decisions had been made and he left…

A couple of weeks later and I was standing at the reception of his flagship Liverpool salon, going through the most bizarre interview ever! He led me by the hand around the massive salon, I think he introduced me as a country bumpkin to all his managers, staff and customers! And I probably looked a lot like a startled deer as I trailed behind, following him through his glittering world. Trust me when I say that growing up in Liverpool during the 70’s was harsh, no-one that I knew had any money, and luxury was a foreign concept. I was one of the more fortunate ones because my hardworking parents had provided us with a decent home, but even that seemed grey and lacklustre compared to the over-the-top glamour and sparkle he was showing me.

I started working with him there and then, and in time rose to the position of managing his barbershop. I let him love me, though I think I loved him more. And the times we spent together will be forever special. I did over thirty years in the hairdressing business before retiring (early!) but it will always be the years I spent at Herbert Of Liverpool that mean the most – sorry everyone else! But you know it’s true – I’ve never met anyone else since that powerful. His charisma was his strength, but he used it like a gift. I learnt early on (and it’s something that I’ve tried to pass on too over the years) that anyone can cut hair, physically it’s just a process or method that can be taught to anyone. The real skill lies in knowing that person, understanding what it is they want or need, and making them feel good. That was his power and strength, even if he never even touched your hair, even if you only met him in a queue at the bar, or in a car park, that brief spark of warmth and joy would be enough to raise your day, and make you want to spread the goodwill to the next person you met. I loved you Herbert and I am so sorry we lost touch, I wish more than anything I’d made time to come and see you before you left. As far away as I am now from the big city we both loved, I’ll never forget the good times 🙂

Adding some sparkle to The Sims 4

I had to do this, and I know it’s not a terrific likeness but the traits work and the little Sim does light up his environment!
I had to run the money and free real estate cheats to get him into one of the penthouses in the fashion district. And I had to do quite an extensive remodelling because over-all they’re not very special. The apartments work well though, and the penthouse is huge – probably too big, because the scale of the rooms seems off. Still it’s a good addition to the game and they can be built on so there’s plenty of room for future content.
There are two companions sharing his penthouse, one to cook and clean, and the other to fix and maintain things and keep the bar stocked with sparkly cocktails. There’s been no romance though! But I think that’s OK, the cowboy has unflirty traits yet Herbert has made stronger friendship bond with him. It’s the little guy that does the cooking and cleaning that worries me the most, he could end up the wrong side of the duvet and as Herbert’s world expands and his entourage grows that might not work so well. I might have to find a love interest for him elsewhere, because the last thing I want to see in the apartment is anger or sadness.
Last time I started a list about all the good stuff I like in the new EP and I completely forgot the games console! I am so happy to see that reintroduced although, none of the multi-player options seem to increase their social levels, and even with all whooping and hollering they don’t seem to interact with each other when they’re playing together. Doesn’t matter though because it’s a thousand times better than the old gaming rig. I also love that high backed loveseat, it looks amazing and very high end. Sadly though, the big, high backed executive desk chair seems to no longer work, even though it slots into the desk with no problem the Sims can’t sit on it, so as you’ll see in the screenshot I’ve had to replace it with another chair. Hopefully that’s an easy fix because I really liked the way it looked.
There is a nod to the Herbert I knew and loved in his en-suite, the real Herbert had a Christmas themed bathroom in his little house in Roby. He used to say it was Christmas everyday in his home 🙂 There’s also a tricked out pink bidet (because why not!) and a large shelving unit ready to be stocked with elixirs and good times potions.
Rose petals around his bed and some of the best looking furnishings yet released.
How can you not love this game?

If you want to learn more about Herbert and see the great man in action – I warn you it’s compelling! Here is a video from the late 90’s, I moved away from Liverpool in the early 90’s and it’s how I remember him.

island idyll, relaxing at their second home

A while back I had the idea that my Simself household should take some time out. They are both retired now, and with only one child at home why not. So I decided to set them up with a big, beautiful house on the island. They could leave the housekeeper and her brood in their old family house, and they would move in with whoever was going to be the housekeeper in the beach house. It’s so simple 🙂

First thing I did was download Greek Dream by Thurid666 I did mess it about a bit, but I’ve put it down next to another of her Greek style houses and they look great together.

Then I found a single Sim in the household bin and moved him in using the freerealestate cheat. Previously I’d given the Simself family a sexy female housekeeper, but Gianni never even gave her a second glance – which kind of spoilt my fun – but at least it shows he’s decent! Mrs Simself is something else altogether, that Sim would flirt with her own shadow if it was possible, so a hunky male housekeeper should liven things up a bit.
I’ve forgotten his name already! I played him intensely as I tried to skill him up quickly. Then swapped back to the Simself’s, (the screenshot below shows how long ago it was because my all time favourite mod was still working) I had Gianni draw out a load of credit cards before visiting the beach house. Then while the housekeeper was struggling to cook a perfect salad! Gianni blazed around the house upgrading every appliance and planting a garden.
Back to the beach house once more to continue working on the housekeepers skills. And then I forgot all about it while I was playing a different household and another story line, until EA announced the City Living EP. Immediately I started planning how they could have a penthouse with staff, because somewhere in the world already there are super-cute triplets (male) that would be available to live in and pander to their every whim… and then I remembered the beach house 🙂 So in the meanwhile they’ve moved in.

With only a day or two left before the next EP is released, and presumably another game breaking update. Now seems as good a time as any to showcase my two newest fave mods. One of them is undoubtedly going to get broken! The other is just perfect.

Willow Creek retirement home

Where do all the old people go in your world? The culling thing isn’t really happening in my game and a lot of the houses always seem to have one elderly occupant. I really want those houses to be available for young families  although there’s no problem filling the cheap, starter homes, the game does that much. Cheats are needed for the larger properties.

I had an idea to free up some real estate by creating a rest home for the town’s elderly population. The huge ‘Oakenstead’ lot seemed like a good enough place to start, it’s a really nice southern style mansion in the most exclusive Sage Estates part of town. Surrounded by parkland and ponds, the front porch give it a timeless ambience, although in ‘real’ life not one of the residents will choose to sit out there and enjoy relaxing in the setting sun because the great big TV is more appealing.
Of course I didn’t know that when I started (should have done by now!) I took a single female Sim from the family bin, modified her traits to make her happy & caring. Gave her a teenage son (who isn’t!) and then gave him lazy, playful traits – needless to say I really like him, he’s hot-headed and brattish yet also really charming too. The old folks love him 🙂 Then in edit Town I fixed up the old mansion and used freerealestate to move them in.
I moved the first resident in the old fashioned way, the manager visited him at his home and persuaded him to live with them. (I added others using household management). Next I aged up the teenage son because it works better with him ambling around rather than rushing away to school everyday.
In the early days the visiting massage therapist worked well but recently it’s more miss than hit, and far too frustrating. The residents can call a therapist who arrives soon after, the chairs are OK but sometimes the actions are cancelled and I have to click on the chair a couple of times to get it working. The therapist and the bed is another matter, that’s just not working he goes and stands waiting while the poor old dear keeps having their action cancelled. I gave up when the therapist started teleporting up the stairs. No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t get it to work . I’ve no idea why because there are no mods that would cause a conflict, and it works perfectly if one of the ‘staff’ offers a massage.
All the bedrooms are locked for that resident and the manager. They all have comfy beds, a TV and a book case. But it’s unusual for the Sims to choose the bedroom TV rather than the huge one in the lounge, and I’ve yet to see any of them pick a book up. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms for privacy.

I had to expand the toilet facilities on the ground floor as the number of residents grew because they were constantly walking in on each other – causing constant grief!
The updated Male Urinal by Menaceman44 @ MTS is awesome because it has no privacy limitations and doesn’t break or need cleaning. It also seems to have removed their ability to wash their hands, which is a bit alarming – and realistic!

Serving food was more frustrating than even the troublesome massage therapist, because I couldn’t get the retail displays to work. I figured out that the heated display will only work with baked goods – although they can store some cooked meals the Sims reset when you tell them to take a portion of roast chicken (for instance) – there’s no issues with bagels and pies! And the chiller works with harvestables, ice cream too but only after it’s served as individual portions – which is a bit a faff, but worth doing.


The buffet table works well though, it’s easy enough to drag plates from the kitchen for breakfast and fill it for dinner. Sadly though the bar is more attractive than the tray of iced tea. I can get the Sims to take a class of tea or lemonade, but they’re more likely to go to the bar autonomously.

*edit Nov/16 The buffet table is not working 100% anymore, you can still click on it and serve food as intended. But dragging served food from the kitchen isn’t working anymore, the food rebounds back to the counter!

It was around the same time of noticing one of the elderly residents still had a day job, that I realised playing the household with aging turned off made it all a bit of a waste of time! Luckily though I had a plan B in place.

I’d already put a small church in Willow Creek as a park. All I needed to do was pull a father (?) and son from the bin to live there and then leave them alone! That way the household should age naturally and any elderly Sims that I send there will die a natural death.

I had to make some changes for it to work as a residence, and that’s easy too as long as you remember to do all the building work from the map screen because I think doing it that way doesn’t count as a played household and therefore aging shouldn’t be affected – only time will tell.

Sadly the day beds had to go. As cool as they are, the separated mattresses act as a bed so Sims will sit on either side which looks really odd. I also put a dormitory down stairs with bathrooms and cluttered up the small office to make it looked lived in.
And then something cool happened. The care home manager was visiting the father and son that lived at the church. I quite liked the look of the teenage son, his story seemed very much like the managers son. So I had him visit too, I thought that they wouldn’t get on and that the two young Sims would argue but the opposite happened, and thanks to the teen romance mod there’s another cool relationship blossoming.
They’re like twins – only one is older and the other cute with puppy fat 🙂 I really wanted to get their relationship up to best friends, because I thought as the two households would be working together they could become allies for each other. So I sent them both to the gym! neither showed much interest in the other, even though they were supposed to be working out together.

Back home I had the older Sim send a happy text to the teen, who replied asking him to go on a date in the park. They hung out for a while, then I noticed some flirting and the ‘have first kiss’ option seemed too good to miss.
They actually went around the back of the building to kiss!
Then back to the nursing home where one of the elderly residents caught them ‘fooling around’ in a spare bedroom I’d unlocked.

Earlier on in the summer I had been moaning because the game bored me! I think I’m getting it now, all the tools are there, the Sims look great – all you have to do is dream up a storyline and watch it play out – It doesn’t have to be boring.

Curses, foiled again!

Thanks to this stumbling, fumbling game it all went pear-shaped. I was playing a different household when the teenage kid that lived in the church went jogging past – nothing unusual about that – the fact that I could see straight through the part of him above the knees and below his belly button was very alarming though. Literally nothing there like he was turning invisible man.

So I quickly paused the game ran the cheats and did a CAS edit. It looked to me as though there was a problem with CC, but when I checked his athletic outfit it was all base game although for some reason they weren’t showing up. So I swapped them for some other shorts and went back to the game, big relief to see everything was good. Then I noticed that while he was in CAS the game had swapped households and he was the playable character. Still not a huge problem, I had been avoiding playing their household as I wanted him to age naturally – the really BIG problem was that I had already started moving cantankerous old people into the church, and now they too would stop aging too. Doh! (and loads of other expletives!) There was only one thing to do, evict everyone and install a new caretaker into the church, then move the old folks back. That should kill off (I mean provide a warm, caring space to spend their final days) all the oldies. Who knows what has become of the cute kid and his father now they’re homeless 😦