While playing my SimSelf household (888 Spire Apartments, Uptown San Myshuno) I ran into a problem upgrading the portable dj booths.

The upgrade attempts kept stalling because of a routing issue (though none that prevented the object from being used normally). And then only two upgrade options were available even though both adult Sims had maxed out their handiness skills.


Currently there are no mods in that saved game, although I do have a bit of CC. I think possibly overrides are the big bad when it comes to bugs & glitches, and most of the CC that I have installed are object overrides. It’s probably quite likely that they cause most of the problems as they’re not always updated when new content is released and/or when EA makes changes to autonomy or lighting for instance – not so long ago the simple lighting overrides by a much respected modder caused some serious issues when EA swept in greatly improved lighting effects – So probably the sensible thing to do is to pull all the overrides from my mods folder and try again.

Vanilla game test

Today a recurring joint and back injury has me propped up by pain killers and as I am feeling so weary and fragile 😦  I will try to use the time productively and trouble shoot this glitch on a 100% mod free test game.


Starting out with only basic handiness skill there are only two upgrade options available



Then a route fail borked after only one of the upgrade options had been completed


which greyed out the upgrade action on the first of the portable decks and removed it from the action list on the second


Travelling away from the lot doesn’t reset the object – neither does the testing cheats reset work. So with his decks out of action I decided to try the same thing in a different household.

Vanilla game test – take 2!

My other testing household are the Pancakes, I think they’re important as they live in a base game house and not an apartment.


testingcheats on ‘Make Happy’ again and again and again! Until it’s completely upgraded, placed in her inventory and then travel to the arts centre where I was hoping to see my Simself son play.


All good 🙂

So I know that the decks can be upgraded, and I know that my original plan for the storyline will work. Now I need to figure out why it wouldn’t work in the apartment.


looks promising 🙂


Success! He had to lose a days pay but the completely upgraded decks were transported to the venue and everything works.

So I know now that if travelling away from the lot won’t reset glitched objects changing households will.

Next I need to go back to my original saved game and see if changing households will fix the problem there too.

  1. Swapping households didn’t fix the problem
  2. Removing the MODS folder and repairing the game didn’t fix the problem
  3. There’s no option to save an apartment to the gallery, so bulldozing and reinstalling won’t work – however I did save the bedroom, then demolish and reinstall it. But that didn’t work either.


The only thing that’s changed is the upgrade option is greyed out again!

Seriously this is driving me insane 😦

The Simself household moved out of the apartment and into the Old Salt House. It’s an interesting property and it won’t take much to style it really high end. But they still can’t upgrade the portable decks.


My SimSelf did the first two upgrades then the route fail crashed in again! Once again there are only two upgrades available 😦  I suppose I should try to swap between households again before I give up completely…


This isn’t as complicated as it sounds (It’s been a long day & lots of painkillers!)

So swapping between households had no effect, the decks still couldn’t be upgraded. The Simself’s have another house in Windenburg, their housekeeper and her children live there and from time to time I move Sims between the two houses as though they’re holidaying!

I decided (even though it’s a long shot) to take a punt and have the Windenburg housekeeper upgrade some decks and deliver them to the Simself’s new house. Which she did, but the son couldn’t put them in his inventory. (I didn’t think that would work but I had to try)

Finally fixed the problem by:

  1. Having the Windenburg housekeeper take the decks home again
  2. Moving the SimSelf son into the Windenburg household
  3. Then putting the upgraded decks into his inventory
  4. Moving the Simself son back into the San Myshuno household.


If all the above wasn’t enough to push an old gamer over the edge – (literally all day stopping & starting, backwards and forwards just to achieve a simple aim) – the game had one last trick up its sleeve to render me totally wiped out…


Needless to say I didn’t bother! Sold it in buy mode so I can quit the game for the day 😦

Another odd glitch


Malcolm the ‘gangster’ closed the Windenburg shop and opened a new one in the vampire town. He moved most of the stock in his inventory and I added some buy debug stuff too. Everything works as expected, the only odd thing I noticed is that he’s perpetually bored!

Then I noticed a glitch, and it fast became a real pain. He’s bored so he takes a retail book off the shelf to read, I spent too much time dragging books back onto the shelf – they’re marked for sale, but that doesn’t stop the customers from picking them up and dropping them all around the store 😦